Tinted Brow Gel



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I totally love this product and it looks so natural. I got a lot of compliments tell me they looked more natural. The best part of it I used less products and I only used Anastasia's.

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Good for natural looking brows

These are really good if you just want that extra fullness without completely filling in your brows. Good for someone with naturally full, thick brows. Mine area little sparse at the front and ends, so I often don't reach for this because I need a little more coverage.

transforms brows!

I was shown this product a few days ago in Sephora, and I fell in love!

Ive always been skeptical of brow mascaras bc I didnt want it to look too heavy and scream "HEY! IVE GOT EYEBROWS!!"...but this brow gel is so light and non overwhelming. It adds the perfect amount of color when you use a spooley or disposable mascara wand to grab the color off the brush. Otherwise youre gonna get too much product and look a mess.
The trick with this brow gel, is to work it into the skin a bit.

I love the wide range of colors that are available.
The carmel is almost bronzey in a way, and it adds the perfect amount of highlight when used on the inner corners or your brows.

I used it along with my already penciled/filled in brows and instead of weighing down my face, it brightened it up. It made my eyes look warm and alive!


I love ALL Anastasia brow products! I've purchased 5 brow wiz pencils! They are amazing! The brow pomade is amazing! The brow stencils are awesome! This gel doesn't live up to the hype! I reach for my drugstore clear mascara before this!


I'm not a big fan of filling in my brows, but I do from time to time. But this tinted gel has helped me out for when I want softer looks or just want my brows to look a uniformed color. It lasts until I take it off! It's worth the price :)

Great for Natural Redheads!

As a natural red head, it is hard to find any products tailored for my blond eyelashes and brows. This product is the perfect fit. For days where I want to just look like I have any eyelashes at all this product does the trick for both my lashes and brows. I just want to hug this product. Without it I would have a unibrow that only I would be abe to see, but that is still one uni-brow too many. Thanks to Anastasia for helping us pale redheads!


So I did it. Spent $21 on a brow gel ($23 if you include tax!) It is, so far, worth it. I have thin, ash blonde eyebrows and was hesitant to purchase something with such a gold tint. However, the wonderful Sephora saleslady applied some on my eyebrows and sent me on my merry little shopping way, knowing I'd come back in a couple hours to buy it. She was right.

The gel has a great hold and lasted all day- something that routinely fails me with other brands I've tried. The gold tint looks natural but be careful not to over apply. A little goes a long way!

Great for my unruly brows

I love this product. I have thickish brows and don't like to fill them in everyday, but this is just perfect for that everyday groomed look. I have a few Anastasia products and think they are fab. My brows stay put all say with this product and it give a subtle colour to the areas where my brows are a little thin. I will most certainly be using this everyday :)


I don't like this product as much as the other Anastasia products I love most of the others but this one is nothing special doesn't hold very well and color payoff isn't great. I was not that happy with this product


I love this product in that it gives my brows some color while allowing them to look really natural and well groomed. My only problem is that every time I use this stuff I get pimples in my eyebrows! Its not a allergic reaction, just clogs my pores and gives my acne. I still use it from time to time just because it looks so nice, but I always regret it :(