Eyebrow Pencil


A Must + My Holy Grail Eyebrow Pencil

I don't choose 1 holy grail for each catergory (ex: concealer, if i don't have a can't-live-with-out concealer, then i will not say it is a holy grail, even if i really genuinely like it. I am on my second pencil and I love that the product is very thin and not as pigmented. thats a great thing when your talking about eyebrows! plus, it is really affordable, esp. if you can grab it in a kit on qvc & hsn. I talk a lot more about it in depth on my blog with this link if your interested in knowing more! http://mindbodybeauty.blogspot.com/2012/02/ybf-beauty-your-best-friend-beauty-haul.html