Wet N Wild

Idol Eyes Creme Shadow


I only have one of these color sticks in the shade Pixie but it's basically a pinky/champagne color and I use it for a color base for my other shadows. It has never creased on me and I have applied it pretty liberally... just to see what happens. Great product in the shade that I have, but I can't say I have tried them all!


I had the green one and I used it as a base and it wasn't all too great. I used a primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion) but it still creased like CRAZY! I would NOT buy this again!

Beautiful Budget Eye Highlighter

Bought this on a whim, not expecting much but I love it. It's creamy and the perfect shade to highlight around the eye area. Instant eye-opener at a great price!

This isn't a good product. I tried this as an under base for a dark shadow look, and it was awful. It didn't apply evenly, and it crease. This would make a better lipstick than it does an eye crayon.

Meh. This shade is a miss.

I learned about this shadow pencil/stick from one of those handouts you get in fashion mags- that say top 10 best drugstore buys or whatever. So, I figured if Teen Vogue, or Allure or whomever rated it, they must know what they're talking about- I should trust them. Plus, this was pretty cheap, and I was banking on these being really good because Wet N Wild has stepped up their game enormously- rivaling Urban Decay and higher end brands, but obvi to a certain extent. I got Distress because I love navy liners and smudging them around my eye- creating a sexy, smokey cat eye that isn't too bold because of the navy, makes my green-blue eyes pop, and looks great with silver on the inner 3rd of the eye/tearduct area. (I love navy and silver together). So I figured this would be my backup for my Palladio navy eye liner. This did suck though. While some of Wild's stuff is getting better- some is not. I probably should have used my instinct with his- its a creamy pencil from the drugstore- thats really cheap. Don't depend on this for the best results. It creased on me with a primer, and shadow over it to set it and intensify the color. Its a very nice color, but the packaging is cheap- the lid has already cracked, getting product squished on the top of the lid, and the letters on the front are chipping off. And while they are cute and small for travel, the lid will crack, and cause a potential mess. From the reviews below, the lighter, shimmery colors work the best in this line- for eye highlighting especially. This is good to know- however, I don't know if I would give these another go.


They are so smooth when going on. I purchased these in two shades from Walgreens for only a buck on sale! I got them in distress and in electro. Distress is a dark blue and electro is like a turquoise silvery shimmery blue. I really like them both and they are so pigmented, but I find them easiest to use on my crease, and they look really good. The only con to these is that they don't twist up, so literally, what you see is what you get, but what you're getting is still good! Also, don't close em too tight because the top will slip and crush the pencil a bit, which is what I just did to mine in distress :(


I bought Techno (the purple- looked FAB in the stick), and it didn't really come out like I had hoped it would. It IS nice and creamy, though you have to layer it on to get a nice pigment. While everyone is complaining that it creases (unless you seriously doctor it up), it DOES crease, but that doesn't mean you can't use it for an awesome pop in color. Highlighting the brow, some lower lash color, and inner corner of the eye accents are where these products should stay. Would I recommend them? Nah. But for a dollar? I'm not too sad that I have it in my make-up collection.

Not what I expected

I got bought this product in techno. The color is very pretty but once I tried to use it the product fell short. The color you see is not the color you get once applied. This product creases quickley. The color was so light I ended up using it as a base. Even as a base it still fell short. I would only recommend using them as a base or a liner if enough product is applied. I dont think I am going to be buying any more. If you do want to try them and maybe you have a idea on what to use them for they are cheap in price, so if you dont like them your not losing out on alot of money.


No matter what I did, these were useless, and I ended up returning these within the day I bought them, no questions asked. Creased terribly even with primer underneath and powder on top.


I bought this product in 'Graphite' hoping I could use it as a base for my eyeshadow. It went on nicely but even with a primer on it still creased within the hour. I should have used the creasing as a sign to take it off but I was already heading out. Throughout the day most of the product ended up in my eye and gave me a really bad case of raccoon eyes. I like other Wet n' Wild product but this one was just bad overall.