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Sleek, Sophisticated, NAKED..2!

I believe Urban Decay did an amazing job upgrading the Original Naked Palette!! First the Packaging is so Sleek and Sturdy compared to the first one. The color selection I believe is a lot better. I love that the matte shades are very different especially Tease which is a light brown with purple under tones! I own nothing like it. You can use it as an everyday shade alone in your outer V or use it to blend out darker colors in a smokey eye look! So versatile already. I love that they added a Matte black as well and I will tell you why. When I do a neutral look either on me or someone else. I do not always want to use a Gel, or Liquid liner sometimes I simply push and smudge out a black shadow into the lash line both to thicken up the base of the lashes and add depth or to just give it that bit of smokeyness to the outer lash line. So I love that Urban Decay included BlackOut. The dual ended brush was a nice touch but in all honesty I preferred the 24/7 liners. Although I did get one with my order. The Lip Junkie in Naked is a nice color that you can easily toss in your bag which I do like. Also I love that I can hear the packaging snap shut. I did not liket the fact that on the Original it never stayed shut. So Urban Decay amazing job on this new palette not only on the packaging but on the amazing color selections!!!

worth the money

I love this eyeshadow palette so much. There is a range of beautiful colours, 3 of them being matte. The colours vary from a pale cream colour, to a natural brown, to a black. You can create very natural looks and bold smokey eyes so you can create any desired natural look. The included brush has a flat end, perfect for shaping the eyeshadow and a fluffy end which I use to blend darker colours into the socket line and outer corners of my eye. I would definitely recommend this palette from Urban Decay as the quality of eyeshadows are worth the money.

Love at first sight

I bought this product for a neutral everyday look and it has not disappointed! Perfect for a summer bronze look or the workplace. I seriously fell in love with this palette at first glance.

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I have both Naked and Naked2. While I can't definitely say one is better than the other... I will say they've made some improvements.
1) Bigger mirror. 2) Better construction of the case. 3) Lip gloss in my opinion is such a better bonus than the primer.
Attached is a picture of a side by side comparison I did of the 2 palettes. It shows how similar the colors are to each other and how many 'new' and exclusive colors there are. Check out more details on my blog PrettyGossip. ;)

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I love Naked 2)))))!

Foxy is a pale beige matte shade with a hint of yellow to it that's quickly become my new fave base colours. The yellow evens out any uneven skin tone on my eyelids and gets rid of all redness I may have.
Used: Naked Palette by Urban Decay

Brilliant for blue eyes!

Gorgeous line, bronzes and golds in shimmery pigmented shades. I had this on my wishlist for a long time, and finally took the plunge. I don't regret it at ALL. These are coordinated, and go so beautifully with each other and the Naked Basics Palette. Those 2 palettes are really all I ever need for personal use. I wish it had come with a primer potion but the lipgloss is nice. Minty and pinky red.


I just love this palette so much that I can't sum it up in a quick review like this lol. The matte shades are beautiful, but the shimmers are just... Wow. Most of Urban Decay's standard eyeshadows stay on for what feels like forever. You also get $216 worth of eyeshadows, $50 worth of brushes, and $6.14 worth of lip gloss total out to $272.14, not even including the excellent packaging and huge mirror. A small, purse-sized Sephora mirror I almost bought yesterday was $15 alone! $50 might seem like an investment for a palette, but it's so, so worth it. The eyeshadows are super nice and buttery, with only fallout being a problem. The brush is another star - I like how UD's brushes feel solid, unbreakable; and I've never had this brush shed on me. I love the versatility of the fact that it's double ended. I also like that there's a lot of different colors for different situations - you could create a dark smoky eye, or a light eye for family gatherings. The only issue is the lip gloss, which kind of burned my lips and just made them hurt. Regardless... Endless possibilities. I definitely recommend it.

Full review here (with swatches): http://metalandmakeup.blogspot.com/2013/03/review-urban-decay-naked-2-palette.html


I love Urban Decay. . .but not a big fan of this palatte. I wish it had a few more matte shadows. If you're a fan of shimmery colors, then this is the palette for you. The pigmentation is wonderful don't get me wrong. But I prefer the Naked Basics over this one.

Love It

I use this palette just about every time I do my makeup, whether I'm using it to do my whole look or just a few colors. I do not own the original Naked palette because when I was faced with the two, I already had some of the colors in the Naked palette from my Book of Shadows. Overall, I really love this palette. I do kind of wish that more of the colors were matte, but either way, I still get a lot of use out of it. I like that there are a variety of colors so I can have my pick of day or night looks.

Pretty! Don't use as often as original Naked though...

As anyone with experience with Urban Decay shadows knows, they apply beautifully. The glitter shadows are going to be a bit more gritty with some fallout, as is almost unavoidable with any shadows of this texture, but is annoying nonetheless. My favorite shades in the palette are Foxy (the matte buttery creme color that for some reason appears more yellow on the UD website than it is in reality) which I use as a mild highlight on my inner corners/brow bone or to blend stronger colors together smoothly, Chopper (super glittery rose gold), and Tease (matte muted plum with a brown-y undertone) because I find the color so interesting! I tend to use it in my crease for everyday looks and for more dramatic ones, I'll apply it on the lid. I also really like the color Snakebite (a darker metallic aged bronze) in the crease lately because it blends beautifully into any other colors in this palette or the original Naked. I also love the gloss it comes with (Lip Junkie in Naked) because the tone seems pretty universally flattering and seems to have a pretty plumping effect on my lips. I don't love that my hair gets stuck in the gloss sometimes, but it stays put better than less sticky counterparts and looks so pretty making it a nice addition to the palette. I also really like the brush, I use the fluffier end to blend and the smaller end to pat color on or line my lower lash line if I'm in a rush. It's dense and soft, and does its job (however I'm not an expert on brushes so if you have any beloved MAC brushes etc. I wouldn't expect this to replace any of your favorites!)
Now, onto the things that kind of bummed me out: I thought the metal packaging would be a cool improvement and add heft to the palette, but the snap enclosure can be really difficult to open and close, and actually caused Blackout in my palette to become cracked and fall out of the pan (which, of course, made a mess of all the other shadows in the palette, the brush, and got ground into my carpet... definitely not fun to clean up). Because of the experience with the packaging, I don't travel with this palette which is kind of lame because they have some pretty shades that go with everything! I also didn't dig that of course they had to put Half Baked in there AGAIN! Like, I know it's a best seller and all, but I feel like it's in almost every UD palette and I hardly use it because it's such a frosty gold. Still a pretty shade, but the space would have been better used by a new, exciting color in my opinion.
I have both Naked palettes, and I use this one less often because of the packaging alone but if it weren't for that it'd be equal to my Naked. If you're torn between the two, let your skin tone dictate which one you buy. Cooler ladies should grab the Naked2, warmer toned people should pick up the original Naked. I have a neutral skin tone so I find the colors in both palettes equally flattering on me. If you're neutral too, I'd say choose whichever one you see yourself reaching for more often.