Too Faced

Natural Eye Collection

New and Improved Natural Eyes Collection

Too Faced
Natural Eyes Collection

The original Natural Eye Collection has been revamped and modernized with three new shades: Nudie, Cashmere Bunny, and Chocolate Martini. This nine-shadow palette is housed in a sleek tin with mirror and includes three Get The Look Glamour Guides to get you started. Get it now!

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HG Palette!!

This is one of the best palettes I've ever purchased! The colors are extremely pigmented, easy to blend and best of all, you don't have to deal with loads of fall out like with Urban Decay shadows. My favorite shades include Heaven and Silk Teddy (I've hit pan on both!). I love Heaven because its a matte highlight, very similar to MACs Blanc Type, which is great for blending out any harsh crease shadows. Silk Teddy is a beautiful pink/champagne color that reminds me a lot of Stilas fact, I like it better than Kitten!

The other two shades that I've hit pan on are Push-Up and Honey Pot, two great colors for the crease. Its pretty rare for me to use any one shadow to the point of hitting pan, so the fact that I even hit pan on 4 of these shades is proof of how much I adore this! I highly recommend this and I prefer it over my UD Naked palette any day!


A great palette that can take you from day to night. Great wear and go on beautifully. Love! Even comes with a pamphlet to give suggestions where and what colors to apply. A little expensive but worth it for the quality and quantity you get. If you're just getting into makeup it's a nice palette to go with .

Must Have!!!!

I love this palette is a must have. I became hooked about 3 years ago when I purchased with a sephora gift card. At first I thought it was sort of over priced. Once I opened up this beauty I was pleasantly surprised! It came with an applicator brush and step-by-step cards how to achieve certain looks. So I was already impressed! Once I opened it up I started from top left Day and worked my way down. Very high pigmentation along with silky smooth application. I definitely recommend this palette for classic makeup or pinup looks. Everything you need!!! Purchase this you won't be disappointed!

Love love love

Favorite Palette of all time. colors are so natural and beautiful. my favorite too faced palette yet! So natural looking and gives a great smokey eye if you dont want to go to the all black smokey look. The packaging is a little too big but it is the same as all other too faced palettes


I bought this on a whim while on a shopping spree and I don't regret it. The colors are gorgeous and they stay on for quite a while. My only complaint so far is the erotica shade is a bit too crumbly for application but other than that it's wonderful. I especially like the booklet in the box with all the different styles for complete eyemakeup novices like me!

good pigment, long lasting

These are pretty good shadows. They could be creamier. I like the new packaging better because it is slimmer. The only one i have trouble with is cocoa puff which is too bad, because I really like it in the pan. I do not get much use from nude beach because it has those huge chunks of glitter! #aintnobodygottimefathat But overall, I go to this palette a lot using push up and honey pot on my browbone and sexpresso on my crease. Also, being of deep complexion, I wish the lighter shades were the smaller shades. But, that's a personal problem, so....


What else can I say that hasn't been said? This palette is absolutely amazing! It is one of my favorite neutral/everyday palette. I've had it for quite some time and I have to say that I always keep coming back to it. I have other popular neutral palettes, but I have to say that this one is still my dear favorite one. The instructional cards are an amazing thing for beginners or for when one is not inspired but the combinations are endless! Strongly recommend it!

So worth getting!

This palette is on the pricey side at around $40, but it is so worth it. The colors are all perfect for an everyday look (which I do every day and night), so this palette is my best friend. The shadows are super pigmented, and you can create so many looks with this.


One of my favorite palettes! Iv'e had it over a year and the colors are barely touched. Well worth the price. Neutral colors which you can wear everyday and highly pigmented. Great product!


i like all of the colors and its worth getting i really recomend getting this palette. i dont have it but some people that i know do and i have tried and it is reallynice so i recomend getting but you may not like iy but alot of people do i garren tee you will probbally like because it has nice colors that i love and i really like the silver but i like all of them