A collection of 100% pure mineral pigments in loose powder format and wearable colors. Overshadow was created to add a luxe look to the lid, taking the most subtle daytime shadow and amping it up for nighttime fun. Apply over your favorite shadow to give a fresh look to your staple shadows colors. Dust the lighter shades on shoulders, cheeks - anywhere - for a sexy shimmer.
They are free of talc, preservatives, oil, and fragrance. Layering has always been a fashion "do", and now, the trend finds its way into cosmetics, allowing beauty junkies to give new life to the old favorites already in their makeup bag.


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Laura R.
Laura R.
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Eyes: Brown

Skin: Fair; Dry

Hair: Brown; Coarse

if your rich Im single

One of the most beautiful shadows i own! i have darker brown eyes and i use a cream base and do a smokey eye and its stunning!, SO sparkly but refined sparkle, so much demention when layered. Lasts all day or night, doesnt fade. Really love!

Sojourner W.
Sojourner W.
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Eyes: Brown

Skin: Dark; Sensitive, Oily, Combination

Hair: Black; Dry, Coarse

Amazingly Underrated!!

I agree with @Ashley C., this brand is so underrated on YT and beauty blogs everywhere!! I happened to stumble over one of theBalm's Smokey Eye Kit's for $10 at a Marshall's and I'm so glad I did. I think theBalm has the cutest packaging and highly pigmented shadows. This color is kinda close to my skin tone, so when I'm having a lazy eyeshadow day I just through this on with some primer, liquid eyeliner, and mascara for atruly effortless look. I think these are super perfect for teenagers like myself who are always in a rush and don't want to over-do it. It is a little pricey at $15, however, as I said before, I got a whole kit for only $10 and it included 2 full size eyeshadows, a mascara, and a makeup remover. The packaging is adorable and there is a nice shine and shimmer on each shadow, however there is fallout.

Bottom Line: Amazing pigments, so look at your local Marshall's (or TJ Maxx) for a good deal on theBalm products!


-Price (if not found at Marshall's)
-Availability (only at Sephora or online)

Ashley C.
Ashley C.
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Eyes: Blue

Skin: Fair; Sensitive, Oily, Combination

Hair: Blonde; Fine, Oily

Ingenious Powders that do All!!

The Balm Overshadows i thought were just pigments, so i purchased 2. 1 in "If your Rich, Im Single" & 1 in "No Money, No Honey". Turns out these are another one of Thebalms ingenious products that are multiple use for all over perfection! I purchased mine at a sephora while on vacation and i cannot remember how much but i am glad i did. Here's why.

-Cute Retro Packaging with hilarious names!
-Screw Top Jar with Puffy top logo, name on bottom of pigment
-Great Multiple use Pigment. Foil them, eyeshadow, over shadows, highlighters, Nail polish. They can be used all over!
-Blendable & Buildable coverage for all day wear
-Loose Pigment = Fallout
-High pigmentation & Shine in each color.
-Sheer coverage Dry, but Foiling them makes them worth you wild!
-Located at Sephora & Online

It makes me disappointed that Thebalm doesn't get the recognition it deserves, They do have wonderful quality items and the packaging itself makes the these a conversation starter for any occasion. Check them out <3

Jen C.
Jen C.
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Eyes: Hazel

Skin: Medium; Normal

Hair: Brown; Normal

I have this is No Money, No Honey and I really like it. I don't really apply it over other shadows, but I use it in the corners of my eyes as a brighter, and sometimes I use it as a highlighter. It's great.