LipSurgence Lip Luster


Fun wearable color

I did not thought this bright pink color will look good on my olive kinda tan skintone. But to my surprise, I look good and i think it brightens up my whole face. It is sheer, so u may need to apply more than once to build up the color to your liking. And I just love the tingling minty feel to my lips....so refreshing! Product wise I wud have given this a 4.5 rating, bt because I was happily surprised with the way it looked on me I had to give 5 :)

Great Base, but Luster a Bit Too Sparkly

I'm ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with the lip tint + balm trend. Never one to like traditional lipstick, I've usually wore gloss instead. However, traditional gloss wasn't always the "right" choice - for the outfit or the event (or both). Tarte has done very well with the overall quality of their contribution - LipSurgence. The ingredients are good quality & truly benficial. They feel great (not the least bit sticky or greasy), and provide long-lasting moisture with more than sheer coverage. The range of colors in the complete LipSurgence line is diverse and, they've packaged their version in a convenient twist-up stick (no additional special sharpener needed). Although I believe I will always want some sparkle & shine no matter how old I am (which is why I bought a Luster version as my first choice), it has a bit too much even for me. I prefer the overall feel & lasting quality of Tarte's Lipsurgence compared to many other brands, however, I usually reach for something else because it just has too much shimmer for everyday wear. If considering just the visual aspect of the Luster tints, my rating would be much lower because they result in coverage that looks much like a super sparkly lip balm one would see in a "cartoon" set made for (very) little girls. With that said, I believe switching to the original or matte versions will cause a change in my "go-to" choice.

Adored Adored

I absolutely Adored Adored. Its a smooth creamy baby pink with a little rainbow shimmer. The baby pink is smooth, but not so milky that you can't see the color. It is radiant for a light pink, bc of its lustrous texture and sparkle. I love Tarte for their more natural products, and this is no exception. The peppermint tingle leaves the lips slightly exfoliating, and tingling, but not an adverse or allergic reaction type of tingle. I recommend this line of products...Buff is next on my list.


I love all of these. They are so pretty and the colors are just great! They don't have a strong smell and they glide on your lips. I like them way better than Milani's Lip Flash or UD's Super Saturated Lip Gloss


I purchased this set for only $25-$28 at Sephora. I had been eyeing this product for a while b/c I hear everyone raving about it. When I saw the gift set for the price of about buying just one I thought I would pick it up and try it out :) I can't believe I waited so long to try these out! They are super moisturizing on the lips, the pigmentation is super good and you never have to sharpen them! I wish the individual lip stains weren't so expensive.

Unique Product

I got a set of these when they came out for the holidays this year, and I gotta say I am really impressed! They have an awesome minty smell and feel without being overbearing, the colors are nice without being heavy, they wear well (although not to long) and you can get matte, shimmer and glittery. Although I don't think I would be down for purchasing just one for $24 I was more than happy to get 5 for the same price. I use them religiously lately because they are just easy. Just draw them on and you're out the door. You don't even need a mirror! Be careful though, the glitter ones wear away and you are left with some glitter on your mouth...

Nice color, but cakey

I have the matte version in Fever. Honestly, I did a lot of research on this product before I bought it because it's just so expensive. (Like pushing $30). I wanted to find the perfect red lip that would last a long while, and since people were raving about it, I was pretty convinced that it would be a good investment. However, It was a bit disappointing. It felt very very cakey and weird on my lips. As soon as I put it on, the texture just bothered me so much that I wanted to take it off. It felt like my lips were coated with like icing from a cake or something, lol. Not cute! Also, it bleeds really easily and doesn't last long. The pros on this product are that it tastes minty and has a really good pigment. Tarte is also great for not testing on animals and using a vegan formula, which I love. I would probably recommend the STAINS more so than I would for these, because they are very moisturizing and actually last a bit longer (In my opinion)

beautiful colors, stays on lips

i have a few of them and love them all...the colors are beatiful, my favorites are amused & sweet...they stay on for a while and are a little minty..very moisturizing for color, that's a plus!

There are 3 different types of these. I really like the matte one and I think it's the luster one (whichever excludes the glittery ones because I just don't like glitter). They're FANTASTIC. I kind of dislike wearing lipstick because it just feels so unnatural and I can't stand eating or drinking with it on. However, these feel more like a lip balm, and their colors are just to die for!

i really love these. they are pigmented just enough, but arent sticky like a typical gloss. the colors are great and the packaging is uber-convenient. definitely will be purchasing more!