Somme Institute

Somme Institute Serum

Step three: Boosting collagen, lightening discoloration. Advanced technology combines a potent, stabilized form of vitamin C along with a high concentration of MDT5 to strengthen skin elasticity and smooth the appearance of fine lines.How to use: Morning and night: Apply several drops to face, neck and upper chest after using Transport pads.


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Catherine T.
Catherine T.
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Eyes: Brown

Skin: Fair-Medium; Combination

Hair: Black; Normal

I love this serum!

After a few uses of the serum, I noticed that my skin looks so much healthier! The texture is really light and it absorbs into my skin. I usually massage this serum for a few minutes and pat the product into my skin before I use the A-bomb. But this is one of my favorite products in the 5-Step Regimen.