Photo Finish Foundation Primer


lollapalooza and warped tour tested

this primer made my foundation, bronzer and blush last literally all day (9am-midnight) in the 100 degree chicago heat/humidity at both lollapalooza last year and warped tour this year. it was nice to not have to worry about my makeup melting off of my face. HIGHLY recommend this for everyday and ESPECIALLY long days.

Must have for PREPPING skin!

The best part about using this product is that your makeup will last forever! Its not heavy, or greasy and absorbs oil so you don't have to use too much powder. It saves time and prevents you from overapplying powder and looking dry! Must have!


I adore this foundation primer! I love that it makes your skin look matte, applies very smooth for your foundation application and lasts all day! I will for sure purchase another one soon!

one of the best!

This has got to be one of the best primers i have ever used. A little really goes a long way and it makes your face feel and look so smooth. My foundation goes on like a dream and looks so flawless when i have this on. It is on the pricey side so i only use it on special occasions.

Super amazing primer!

Def recommend this primer! Smashbox has a lot of different choices as far as primers go whether you need oil free or color correcting. They are all awesome! I have used this one and it makes my skin perfect before my foundation application. Love it

One of the smoothest best primers must have

This is one of the best primers I have tried on before putting foundation. It does smooth out the skin and makes the foundation go on even better. This is a must have out of most of the primers I've tried. I also like boschia pore. This Smash box photo finish has a nice silicon feel. I used it before trying numerous foundations and the application is wonderful. You can really get addicted to this primer and tell when you don't have this one. It does what it says. It's gotten awards and rightfully deserves it. I tried it for myself. It really does the job ! Highly recommended.

Good for dry skin, bad for anything else!

I own this product and keep it in my kit for clients with SUPER dry skin. Any one with any other skin type can forget about using this primer as the makeup will slide off of your face. TOO MUCH silicone. Actually, I very rarely if ever use this product anymore...I've sinced moved to silicone free primers...much better on all skin types.

Something not worth trying

Its one of those products that you read about and you finally decided to buy the product. I brought it, applied it, and hated it. It made my skin break out. Its very smooth and in a way kind of weird for a primer. I was expecting something soft and smooth not just plain smooth. Won't be buying this again...

Refreshing smooth coverage

This product is so smooth. I have somewhat dry and red spots over my skin, didn't even need a green primer. This goes a long way. This was a beginner product of mine, when I started going to medium end products. Fabulous, make sure you don't have your friends borrow this one.

A must have in my makeup bag

I have been using this primer for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it. It feels soft and smooth, and it makes my foundation stay put for way longer. I have oily skin and it has worked great on me.