Seche Clear Crystal Clear Base Coat


I love this base coat. My favorite of all. It is easy to work with, doesn't clump on you, and leaves your nails to perfection. I have 5 at home, that is how often I use it.

good stuff

i tried this base coat where i work at on my clients and i really do like the stuff. it's good to use just by itself or if you are putting polish on

works for me

the base is almost like an oil consistency and works great i find it helps to prevent my nails from turning yellow and getting stained by nailpolish therefore my nails have gotten whiter and i am one of those ladies whom base coats dont work on me but this one does ..this brand is abit pricey but take it upon ur own judgement to invest in it .. i think its worth it but i know theres other base coats that may work even better than this one for u ... but i finally found a base coat i like ... plus it helps to keep my polish in place :) combine it w the seche vite top coat and its by far the best combo for ur nail kit :) xoxo

Problem Nails of Any kind Your Troubles Are Over

This is some amazing line of products, not only is this keep your nails looking good or 3wks plus but also will help those whom have problems,weak,thin,peeling,cracking, ridged nails. My sister is really sensitive to everything even me LOL but for real she can use this line with no issues what so ever.

Hmm.. on second thought...

I REALLY loved this base coat when I first bought and used it. It's so smooth, the shine is incredible. I love the look of it on naked nails. HOWEVER, It makes my nail polish literally just peel right off after a day or two. Very frustrating :( I'm pretty bummed, but I will definitely still use it on days where I'm not wearing polish on my nails... never again as a base coat....

My Favorite Base Coat!

I love this base coat, even though I don't recomend Seche Vite top coat. This is such a nice clear coat to protect your natural nails that drys fairly quick too because it is not thick or gloopy. I will never give up this base coat !

Nail polish chips in a day or two.

I used this base coat with OPI, Zoya, China Glaze, Essie polishes and topped it off with Seche Vite and my nails would chip in the next day or two. Compared to using OPI's matte nail envy or ORLY's Bonder for a base coat and still topped off with Seche nails last 5 days or more. That's my experience but it does go on smooth and dries really fast.

Better than any other base coat I've tried!

I have tried a LOT of base coats and have never been happy any of them, I actually stopped using base coats because they would alter my nail polish quality in a negative way. This is the first base coat that I've used that goes on smooth and stays smooth. It creates a perfect base for your nail polishes and it doesn't change the quality of your colors at all. I will never use any other base coat brands, I even threw out my other base coats and only use Seche now.

great only in the beginning

Don't get me wrong i am in love with this product, but only in the beginning. It dries within seconds. You have to make sure though that the nail polish you applied before this top coat is semi dry because if it isn't then it'll move around and create wrinkles. After a while this top coat dries out really fast and is hard to apply after. If it wasn't for that one problem this will be the holy grail of all top coats

Best top coat EVER...

Amazing! Goes on smooth even though the product is slightly thick, dries fairly quick, and your nails will SHINE. Best top coat I've used thus far. I do find that if you don't use it for a while it ends up getting to sticky and doesn't go on very well. I suggest getting a few mini bottles.