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Crackle Overcoat


Jillian S.
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I randomly saw these polishes about a week ago and though to myself 'Since I love China Glaze Crackle, I may like these.' So I didn't go crazy and I just picked up one in Snow Blast. I immediately went home, filled in my acrylic nails, painted them with Essie's Tart Deco and put the Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Snow Blast over it and it crackled fantastically! Then I went online to look up reviews to find that almost everyone hated these polishes! Many people claimed theirs did not crackle while others had no problem. The reviews were extremely mixed. I do find the China Glaze Crackle to be much easier to work with and the crackling is much faster, but if you can't get your hands on them, you may want to try these out and see how you like them.

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Meg M.
Cracks just as good as OPI's

Okay this is wayy cheaper then OPI and works just as good. Clearly for the price there are going to be the downfalls. #1 the brush is to small so you have to do half a nail then the other half. #2 it looks and works wayy better if you use a think coats. #3 The consistency is weird but whatever it works. Every few nails I shake it up. I'll take the few seconds to shake it up over the money I save. Also to get a different effects I swipe in different directions on each nails, so half my nails vertically the other half horizontally or something and it looks great. This products does work great. It has not gotten the rating it deserves.

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Lisa M.
Antiqued Gold
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I was given this nail polish as an added extra bonus in a giveaway I won recently from a fellow blogger. I had never used a crackle polish before so I was excited to try this one. She gave me Antiqued Gold and when I saw the bottle, I loved the color. I applied it over Jordana Nail Polish in Boy Oh Boy and I thought the end result was great! The application on the other hand was just eh :/ It was a bit thick and too gloopy for me. I had to keep shaking the bottle after applying it to a couple of nails to thin it out a bit. I did like it in the end, just the application was a major turn off for me. I am interested in trying out the other colors :)

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Holly H.
Good at Cracking but HORRIBLE brush!
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this crackle made me rethink my previous opinion of crackle polishes. i hated the opi, i wasn't a fan of a china glaze and i never wanted to buy any more crackles. but for some reason i gave in and bought this one. it cracks waaaaaay better than the opi and the china glaze but the brush is just horrible! the brush is the stiffest, thinnest, and most god-awful i've ever used and makes it half a nightmare to use. th

i did an entire blog post about this if you wanna know my full opinion in much more detail ...

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Octavia B.
Great for the price

I dont know why everyone hates it, I think it works great for the price,the thickness is what makes it work.All you have to do is whip the access off the sides of the bottles and not put so much on.

Rhea S.

I bought the "Distressed Denim" which is a blue color. I love how it crackles on top of bright nail polish colors. I like the packaging and the way the bottle looks. I really like how there's more of selection in colors and I will purchase the "Antique Gold" next since I am obsessing over gold for the fall.

Divinity L.
I Love it

I have it in Antique Gold. I have seen the mixed reviews and have to say it's great! I came home and put it Sinful Colors' Rich in Heart an it looked great!

Dominique W.
Works great !

I don't know why everybody hates this . I love it . It took a while to get used to and get it perfect , but it works great . I like the thickness makes a great crackle !

Victoria F.
Very Good at Crackling. Works just as good as O.P.I. in my opinion :)

These polishes come in a great variety of color. They crackle pretty well too and in my opinion work just as well as O.P.I. or China Glaze. The only drawback is that the formula does thicken very quickly, so I find that I have to shake the bottle every couple of nails to thin it out. Other than that, lovin' it <3

Victoria D.
Not bad

I have a few colors of this, white, black, and gold. They aren't too bad! They crackle pretty well, but they are super thick and fast drying. Which can be good and bad mostly. The gold is a little sheer, but the black and white are very, very opaque. I'm happy enough with them.