Physicians Formula

Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liner


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3 for the price of 1

I have decided to finally do an in depth review on the Physicians Formula Gel Cream Liner since I have had it for a couple months now and really had the chance in testing it out and give a review that won't change in the future. First off, this is a great deal for the price. You get 3 liners for the price of 1! You get such variety without splurging a bunch of money on three different color liners.

Three custom shades provide a glamorous look to define and enhance your eye color.
Unique gel cream formula glides-on effortlessly and smoothly while providing the definition of a liquid eyeliner.
Long-wearing, water-resistant and smudge-resistant formula provides 24-Hour definition.
Includes Pro-Eyeliner Brush for effortless and precise application.
Stackable eyeliner pots can be pulled apart for individual use on-the-go.
Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist Approved. Fragrance Free. Paraben Free. Safe for Sensitive Eyes and Contact Lens Wearers.

The packaging is also very clever and space efficient. The three pots can be stacked up and taken apart into three separate items. Unlike some products that stack and share lids (enabling you to travel with one of the products individually), these have their own individual lids.

The product...
Since I got the brown eyes one, it comes with the color Brown, Black, and Purple.

The texture of this is very creamy. It is easily applied and just glides on like a dream. Depending on how much product you picked up off your brush determines the opacity of the liner. This goes to pretty much all three. If you don't get enough product on the brush, the colors are quite sheer meaning you have to go over it again to build up the intensity.

Purple and brown are pretty much the same. With the exception that purple is even more sheer than brown when not enough product is picked up. Every time I use the purple I tend to have to go over it again the second time. This can be quite annoying sometimes especially when you are in a rush to get out the door.

I have mentioned this before in my favorites post I think.. but the black is the only one with a thicker and dry-er consistency compare to the other two. My conclusion is probably because the black has purple specks of glitter in it. At first, the dry-ness of the black was still bearable but now after 3 months, its getting kind of a pain to pick up the product and apply. It has gotten almost chunky. I'm not saying that you can't use it anymore but it just takes a bit more effort to work with. I'm starting to think maybe its just mine that was defective? If anyone has tried this out, let me know how your black was or if you have the similar problem.

The lasting power of these gel liners great. I don't have the problem of it transferring up to my crease (most of the time). Overall it holds up quite well, a good 8-10hrs before slight transfer I would say. I have noticed that the color tends to fade throughout the day though which I'm not sure if its because my eyeshadow is washing it out throughout the day or whatnot.
Overall... I would definitely recommend this product.

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3 Liners for 1 Great Price with Excellent Pigmentation!

I saw these on clearance at my local Target for around $4.24, so I figured that's a good enough price to try them and BOY was I impressed! I'd never bought a Physicians Formula product before, but I was dying to try some gel liners, so I bought the Blue Eyes trio. They are so creamy and with minimal effort glide onto my eyes. Now, I don't have a problem with oily lids, but they do dry to a point of zero-budging without cracking or flaking. I've worn these to work and on nights out with absolutely zero complaints other than I probably won't get them for such a great price when I rebuy them!


I was really surprised of the pigmentation of this gel liner. Very creamy and rich and applies so smooth on. I use the LO'real Hip gel liner and I notice that smudges on me but when I tired this on and at the end of the day I did not have raccoon eyes. It really does last all day. I love how it's in a little jar that you can stack on top of each other. Reminds me of the cubes I used in elementary for math haha. I like that the brush that comes into the box isn't as stiff as most drugstore brands. Really soft and some what workable. I would still recommend to use an angled brush though.

Nice variety for a nominal price

It’s not the best eyeliner in the world. However, for around $10, you purchase three gel liners. For the hazel eyes set, my favorite is the brown liner. It’s opaque in one pass and lasts all day. The black is just ok. I can make it work for me as long as I give a heavy dose of black eyeshadow to set it in place. The purple is a dud. However, I find most purple gel liners are that way. Like the brown liner, topping each of these off with a coordinating colored eyeshadow will keep them from travelling around the eye and enhance the color.
The packaging is quite nice. The three nested liners can either remain snapped together or pulled apart for travel. I also appreciate that the top screws on tightly keeping the product from drying out. If I do lose them during travel, it’s easy to purchase a replacement the product is sold in nearly every big box or drug store. If you are a heavy gel user, you will go through these a bit too quickly. However, for someone who uses them every once in a while, I appreciate the three colors for a small price.

Best eyeliner available?

Personally this is the best eyeliner I have ever used. Yes, I know it is a gel liner but you can use it as a waterline eyeliner, or at least I do. (:
I purchased the set for green eyes. Now, prepare yourself it is $10. But think of it this way, you are getting not 1, not 2, but 3, yes 3 gel liners! That is an amazing deal! Not to mention how great they work.

Obviously they are great to use for any top liner look. In addition, i use mine for my waterline. I just simply take a regular kohl pencil and dip it in the gel liner and apply it to my waterline. It doesn't smudge, it lasts longer than any liner I have purchased before so why not do it. It probably isn't the best thing for your eyes but I don't do this all the time, only when i really need my liner to not move for hours!

The color pay off on these are great. They do not have a weird smell that I can tell.
This is a must have!

this is the best eyeliner i have ever used! i got mine on sale at k-mart for 6 dollars thats great for 3 colors! it stays put and never runs. I like that is afforadable you can get it at drugstores and its great product. love it!

Amazing pigmentation, long lasting, easy/smooth application, and you don't have to buy the one make just for your eye color (although the one made for your color will REALLY make your eyes POP)! You are getting 3 totally different eye liners for the price of one! Definitely worth the price! This should be a staple in EVERY make up drawer!!

great buy

I bought the purple stack and I use all three of the colors (brown, purple, and black) alternating everyday! They are my go-to gel liners and they work really nice for me, including in the waterline if I put an eyeshadow base under my lower lash line to keep it from smudging. I love these liners!

Pretty Nice.

For whatever reason I always make my lines thicker than I intend when I'm using this product on myself, I should probably use a liner brush.... but when when applying make-up to others... I love this product! It glides on right on top of pigments, powder eye shadow, cream eye shadow... and it is a great buy! :)

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I love these things, I bought 5 different ones and use them almost everyday. They are so pigmented and have some really unique colors included. Great bargain at 3 liners for $10. Full review and swatches at