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Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray


beachyy sexyy waves!!

This sea salt spray is GREAT if you want that beachy, sexy, toussled hairstyle. I just spray this in my damp hair, scrunch my hair & it just gives me that wavy hairstyle I like. A great way to amp up your hair without using any heating tools!


This product delivers what it promises. I saw it at CVS and just had to try it. Originally what caught my eye was the packaging. I love it. It smells great and my hair seriously looks as if I was at the beach. I have thick, curly hair and at this point of growing my hair out, it is a bit out of place. It isn't heavy or oily and leaves your hair with a nice matte finish.


i love this product!!!!!!!!!:) it gives you the best waves and it smelles really good!!:) it is very cheap it was only $4.74 at my walmart and i think that is a great price!!:) i will keep buying this stuff!!!!:)

awesome stuff!

As the oposite situation from the thick-curly headed reviewer below me, i have medium weight hair that maybe a bit on the finer side, it's pretty strait, and i have tons of it. And this sea salt spray did WONDERS for me as well! it brought out the sparse nautral wave that i have and it looked as if i spent the day in the water! Loved the smell, but the spray is a bit you tend to breathe in some of the salty-tasting product. Overall I love this brand, it's affordable and you can find it at Walmart!


I got this spray because I've heard good reviews on it. For the price, it was worth it. It works great and I find when I use it when my hair is damp it emphasizes my natural waves when it becomes dry. So if you need a cheap beach spray, this is the one to purchase!

It's okay...

I find this product okay I'm not a huge fan my hair doesn't do beach waves I guess but it's good when i curl my hair I think it helps hold the curl for alittle bit longer the it would without it but overall I haven't been able to get "beach waves" with this product..


I have naturally straight hair, and all this product did was give a matte, frizzy look to my hair but no waves. I've even tried curling my hair first and then apply the product, but this product uncurls my hair and I end up with the EXACT same results. I only use this product when I want to give my hair texture for like a messy bun, but I probably won't buy it again.

Good Spray!

This product is great! My only problem with it is the stickiness. After I put this spray on, my hair always feels sticky and knotted. This is my first Sea Salt spray so I don't know if this is normal, but I don't like the stickiness

beach babe waves........

I bought the travel size to test it out. It gave me beach babe waves but they didn't last all day. At maximum they lasted an hour, I wanted them all day. So that was kinda a disappointment. I don't know if its because i bought the travel size or cause of my thick hair.


I love this product! I got it at CVS in a small bottle and I think it works really nice! I have naturally wavy hair, but I like the waves it gives me. What I do is braid my hair into 2 sections and spray the braids with the product, then go to sleep ( with damp hair) I take the braids out the next day and wAlla! Love it