Cream Blush


Just recently bought this Nars Cream Blush and I absolutely love it. I haven't been much of a cream blush fan, but I am really enjoying wearing this . It works great for my skintone and give a nice bit of shimmer too.


Maybe I just don't know what I am doing, but I feel like there is no way to put this Cactus Flower blush on without looking like a clown. Blending for days and still no hope. So, I am not trashing the product, but the color just seems really hard to blend and look nice on the cheeks. If anyone has any hints, please share with me!


I'm not a blush type of person but when I was browsing through the NARS section of my local Sephora I came across this. I fell in love with the color and the silky texture. I also experimented with it. I tried it as an eyeshadow and as a colored eyebrow.

Best blush ever!

I was very skeptical at first to use a cream blush. This makes it so easy! I love the shade too! I prefer to use this over my powder blushes. Looks very natural and is easy to use.


I have only tried Nars Cactus Flower but I have to say that I am so impressed with it! It has a slight shimmer but really only when it hits the light at the right angle so it adds a gorgeous highlight! Long lasting, blendable, wearable, and buildable color. Love!

I didn't know this was a blush...

My mom gave me a stack of makeup she doesn't use anymore and Gold Member was one of them. I love it BUT....I thought it was cream eyeshadow! It makes a great eyeshadow, but now I'll have to try it as a blush.

I have only tried the nars cream blush in penny lane & for my fair skin it did nothing! It is so light you couldnt even tell I was wearing anything. If you are more tan it would probably work better. I am dying to try cactus flower it looks gorgeous!


I love this colour on my fair skin, it stands out so much, but once its blended out a little bit it looks gorgeous! I've always been a fan of bright colours, that's why I got the colour Cactus Flower! It's really pigmented and goes on really smooth, i found it best when applied with a fluffy brush.. if you use your hands you will get way to much product!!

<3 This Nars cream blush! Sexy color Pigmented easy to apply and looks GREAT on deeper skin tones... I have been using and loving this for YEARS!! It is one of my favorites from NARS! Check out more of my favorites here:

Such an amazing blush.. I tried Nars Orgasm and I just couldn't vibe with it, so I exchanged it for Lokoum which was much more suitable for my skin tone. Little goes a long way though, so be gingerly.