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Volum' Express One-by-One Washable Mascara


I've heard people rave about this mascara on youtube and I had ZERO interest in it because it's marketed as a volumizing mascara and I prefer to focus on lengthening formulas. But I saw a picture of my friend with these lovely long eyelashes and asked her what mascara she was using and she said it was Maybelline One by One. Convinced, I went out to pick up a tube and I'm so glad I decided to give this mascara a try!
It does a nice job of volumizing but also (and most importantly to me) Lengthening! It separates beautifully since it has one of those plastic spike type wand. I don't ever get spider lashes or clumpy lashes, they just look really nice and lush.
The only gripe I have about this is that it MINORLY flakes towards the end of the day but very minimally.

My go-to Mascara

Maybelline Volume Express One by One Mascara is a mascara that promises to lengthen and define by one. And it keeps that promise well. I purchased my tube at Giant Eagle for $7.99
I love Maybelline's Volume Express line. I've tried most of the range and am rarely disappointed. One by One is no exception. In my opinion the Volume Express line gets better with every new mascara they release and this is the best one yet.
One by One comes in a coral tube with aqua letters. The tube is the classic Volume Express shape. But what's really special about the packaging is the brush. Its a rubber brush with a kind of oval shape. It's widest in the middle and is slightly rounded at the tip. The bristles seem to be the same length all the way around the brush and and are a medium length. Like Maybelline claims, the bristles do catch the lashes, separating and defining them and adding a fair good amount of length at the same time.
This mascara can give a very natural but defined look with one coat, or a dramatically defined and lengthened look with two.
There's no smudging, flaking or irritation with this mascara. Today I've had it on for nearly 12 hours and it still looks good as new. Also my eyelashes aren't itchy, which can be a problem I have if I leave certain mascaras on too long. I like how this mascara feels. Its light enough that my lashes feel bare.
This mascara removes easily with makeup remover, but is pretty water resistant otherwise, like most Maybelline mascaras.
This is my new go-to daily mascara, replacing Great Lash. I'll definitely be repurchasing. I think this mascara can be very versatile and is a good value. I'll definitely be repurchasing.

great everyday mascara!

i love this thing for everyday! it gives my lashes a nice natural look and the brush helps so much with seperating! its a very buildable mascara so if you want a more intense look then you can layer and layer and layer it on without it looking clumpy! its a great mascara and i love it!


This mascara is very similar to the Rocket mascara (also from maybelline). It gives both length and volume and it separates. Doesn't clump. This is simply a great mascara and you don't need to worry about clumping. It's perfect for every day looks,but not for a very dramatic look. So if your looking for a mascara that will give a very dramatic look this might not be the mascara for you. But you can still try it out and see the results for yourself. You will not regret purchasing this mascara!

It gives length and separation, but no volume.

I just bought this recently and I love the length and separation I get from this mascara. I don't think that if you're looking for volume, this would be the one. It does get clumpy but if you use it lightly and appropriately, you can get a nice result. This isn't quite dramatic, so I wouldn't recommend this for special occasions.

I love it!

I really do like this mascara a lot, one of the best I've tried. One thing that I do not care for, is the way that it tends to clump a bit for me. It is not supposed to do that, but I will deal with it until I get a new one. It's probably just because I have very short lashes. I do like it though.:)

I used this for years.

I really like this mascara. I usually use it with another one since the wand separates your lashes. I also save the wands to use for that very purpose with other mascara :)

Skeptic at first, but now... ^_^

Of course who isn't skeptical when trying new make-up? And I was a little skeptical about this mascara because it was in the Volume Express collection. I didn't quite have th best experience with Falsies, but this one worked wonders for my lashes. Everyone kept asking me which mascara do I use because my lashes were so long and "out there" Many thought they were false lashes, until I actually challegened someone and tugged on my lashes just a bit. I barely use a lash curler, and when I use this mascara, I don't need to. It is downright amazing. Yes everyone is different, but this is my favorite mascara and I wouldn't change that for the world


I absolutely adore this mascara! It separates my lashes beautifully, and I find that it doesn't clump at all. It doesn't add a lot of length, but my lashes are naturally long anyways, so I usually stray away from lengthening mascaras. Also, this mascara isn't very voluminous either. It's good for separation, and looks very natural on the lashes.

I also love the wand. It has kind of a tapered shape, which makes it easier to apply to the inner and outer corners of your lashes.

The best!

This is the best mascara I have ever used! It separates my lashes and I have never once had a clump. I am obsessed with mascara so much that I usually never buy the same one twice because I have to try a different one the next time, but this I have bought 3 times in a row. It is a must have!