Studio Fix Fluid Foundation SPF 15


Its not the greatest one, but it matches my skin tone perfectly. The coverage is good, it doesn't break out my skin at all. I've been using it for 3 weeks now,i would definitely buy it again :)

  • NC37
  • NC37
my shade is Nw 35

my shade is Nw 35 and i cant find it
i absolutely looooooooooooooooooooooove this
i love the coverage its amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing
i always get comments of how my skin looks amazing :)


I know I have a feeling I am going to get a lot of hate for this but I am not a fan of this product at all. I was so excited that I was able to get matched up and purchase this product. I had it on for no more than a day and its tore my skin up like there was no way to describe it. I went from normal/dry spots to my skin breaking out all over and becoming really oily. I take really good care of my skin washing it twice a day making sure my face stays clean even than using this foundation made my skin so bad I had to return. I was so sad to not be able to enjoy it since it is loved by everyone

Great for a lighter feel

This foundation is nice and had a good amount of coverage. It doesn't feel too thick so it's okay for everyday and it's good for oil control. Overall, I really like this foundation.


This is my favourite foundation at the moment! I've used a lot of high end & Drug store foundations, this comes in close to the top. Its creamy without being to much for my combination oily skin it sits perfect for hours (although I've never used with a setting powder). Up to now I'm impressed & Will purchase again.

Good, but...

I gotta say, with a primer and a dusting of setting powder, this looked really nice. The only downsides are 1. it sets too fast. This caused me to actually mix it with a bit of moisturizer to allow myself some more blending time... I'd say take your favorite oil based moisturizer and use a 35% moisturizer 65% SFF. remember, oil and water don't mix so don't go using any water based moisturizer or you'll completely destroy the integrity of the foundation. 2. it's far, far too dark! Even their lightest shade is just tooo dark! But I can say this for A LOT of makeup companies. Apparently, us porcelain alabaster skinned people just don't exist in the pigment laboratories of M.A.C and other companies. 3. because of the consistency, if this comes off, it will make you look blotchy. I dare not wear this without a primer which means when you go to refill, you refill your primer too... which seems like it may run out faster than my foundation actually. I use the Prep + prime by MAC and I love it, but it's not cheap. I also would hate to be heartbroken to use it without a primer and see breakthrough (oil breaking through the makeup) and breakouts from this product. I like it too much, and besides, I'm 32, so I can afford to use some primer. so... Meh.
Cons.. too dark, dries too fast, old-school foundation smell
Pros.. good staying power, nice matte finish (but forget about it lasting 8 hours... more like 4, so bring blotting tissue) Can look cakey if you build coverage and then powder, so use a GOOD blending brush

Perfect coverage!

This is the best foundation I think you can buy, good for normal skin types. If you use the pump with it, it takes 2 full pumps to get absolute full coverage of the face. It lasts a long time per bottle. It lasts all day an night. Would deffinetly recommend this product.


This is my holy grail ! I cant even keep count of how many bottles ive gone through lol. Its hard to find my perfect shade of tan in drug stores but mac has given me the exact match for me and plus this makes my face look flawless compared to other drug store ones that have weird undertones on me

What happened?

I remember when you could only get this foundation at a MAC Pro store, and it was the creme de la crem of foundations. Now? In my opinion, there are far more superior foundations on the market that offer better coverage without looking so unforgivably heavy.

Studio Fix has what they call a 'natural' matte finish with medium buildable coverage that absorbs and disperses oil for a long lasting wear. Really? I find the absolute opposite to be true and here's why:

This is an emollient based foundation, and an emollient base foundation works better on someone that has normal to dry skin. If you put Studio Fix on someone with oily skin, the only way you are going to get this foundation to last more than a few hours is if you use a matting primer. It has been my experience that those 'oil dispersing' pigments make most people look greasy after an hour.

MAC states that this foundation is supposed to last 8 hours; Really? In what parallel universe. Forget about this foundation standing up to harsh lighting, heat and humidity. This foundation, in my view has only one solid thing going for it: Decent coverage for someone that has heavier acne issues and hyper pigmentation. I go out out of my way not to use this foundation, I've given it way to many chances and all it has ever done is fail me.


This is one of my favorite foundations. Gives full coverage with a matte finish. It truly stays on throughout the day without having to reapply. It might feel heavy to some people but is to provide the most coverage possible. I just use one or two pumps and it covers my whole face..I also use the brightest shade, to not look so cakey and heavy, because I always finish the look with a powder. Truly recommend it to those that haven’t tried it before.