I bought this product a few days ago because I wanted to test it out on my combo skin. I thought the presentation from the MAC MUA was very well pleasing. I usually have to powder my t-zone a few times a day without this primer. I have only had to powder once while wearing doesn't completely blot the oil but it does enough to not have you worrying about frying chicken on your nose...

Good but not great

I can't blame the product, I do have a pretty oily t-zone, so if you're extra oily I would be sure to carry some powder in your makeup bag. However, I think it's a really good primer. Smooths out my skin very nicely. This product will definitely not go to waste :-)

A little let down.

This product does matte my oily t-zone and it is great to wear under or over foundation; however, it is not long lasting at all. In fact, I still have to touch up with finishing powder as much as if I didn't use it at all. That disappointed me with this product. I ended up not using it much at all after the first couple of weeks and just kept it on hand for a quick touch up before photos because it does matte down instantly and doesn't show up in a photo.

Love It!

This product makes my face smooth, smoothes fines lines, keeps my make up matte, doesn't grease me up, lasts all day and I'm a very happy woman. I will repurchase this product again. a lil goes a long way this product too.

wish I found this sooner

I was reading some beauty blogs on line when I stumbled on this in a few of them, my skin is the oil master!!! Time and prime again and again I find a routine that works for a bit but usually ends up failing. In my latest mac haul I ordered this and wow what a difference. It has a similar texture to smash box primer only a little more powdery like when applied, only a small amount is needed paying extra attention to my super oil spots my nose, cheeks and above my brows. I put it on about 10 minutes prior to concealer and foundation, it really works I've noticed a huge decrease in oil in my troubled areas and it keeps my makeup looking fresh and does not cake or sink or seperate my foundation. I definitely recommend this product it for me has worked better then most primer, or setting products out there (:

I like it....

I have only been using it for a short while but I will say that it does leave my skin feeling smooth but I do have to powder up after a while. I dont need to use a primer when I use this because I feel it does the job of just that.


Oh well, I gave this one a go about a few months ago and I have to say this did not work for me. I was still touching up about as much as I was without it. The only pro that I liked about it was that as soon as I applied it, my skin was softer, but that was it.