Awesome stuff

Everyone buys this to set their makeup, which I think it is okay for, nothing outstanding. The reason I love fix plus is for the other reasons most people don't know about. If you look cakey spay your face and it will take some of that look away. Also if you want to look more dewy this stuff can help with that. Next it is a good quick use to clean a brush, but not to replace your brush cleaning routine. So if your friend wants to use your brush and it is full of product this can help rinse it. Another reason why I like it is to make eye shadows more vibrant it helps bring the colors out more. But my most favorite reason to love this product, is you can make your eye shadows a liner. Need blue liner and your broke and you got some fix plus? no worries spray that liner brush and dip it in your shadow and you'll have liner!


For those that expect this to help your makeup last, look somewhere else as this is not a setting spray. It's great to add moisture to your face, sprayed on your brush to help foundation apply more smoothly, after you're done applying makeup to blend everything and take away the cakey look. This is a nice product but pricey just for some water and minerals. If you want a cheaper alternative, try the evian mineral water spray.

It's really herbal water

I have bottles of this stuff but only because I worked for MAC. I use it and it serves a great purpose when you want to take down the powdery look of someone makeup or you want to dampen your brush but seriously both things can be done with water for less money. I suggest the rose water that can be purchased at pathmark and/or wholefoods and other grocery stores.


i really do love fix + but the problem i have with it is that for the price you could simply mix glycerin and water together and get the same results. I love mac and I have so much of there stuff But this is good to set your makeup after your finished, spray on brush before touching pigments (or regular eye shadow) for longer wear and better application., or simply touch up the face.


For a photo finish look, MAC Fix is it! It sets and seals it all in place. And, during those hot summer months when the face is all dewy, Fix is like a refreshing spritzer that's cooling while attacking and matting down that shine. This multi-talented product can also be used before your makeup application as a primer; couple sprays before and after, and your makeup is sure to go the distance with you throughout your busy day or jamming evening. MAC Fix is must have for me, and it is always in my bag. I also use it on my clients as the final step to seal the deal..

Long Lasting Make Up Secret!

When I finally tried out this product I understood why everyone was raving about it. It sets make up incredibly well, takes away the cakey look leaving such an amazing flawless finish. And 12 hours later, my make up was still in place. ( I use it to set my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, it's such a winning combo. :) ) Love it, recommend it!


I've been using Fix+ for about 5 years and I love! i use it for mixing my pigments, setting my makeup, even refreshing my face and makeup in the summer. It has become an essential in my kit.

Great stuff!

Ive been using fix+ for years. I love it. Great for setting makeup and foiling eyeshadows. It has a great light scent as well. Allows your makeup to look flawless and not cakey. Worth the money!

It's ok....

I have a really oily T-zone and I was told that this works wonders over makeup to keep it from getting oily or streaky or caked up. I do love this product as a refresher or as an equalizer to use after washing my face but before putting on moisturizer, but don't expect it to make your makeup "stick to you like glue" which is what I was told it would do. If you’re looking for something to matte-ify your makeup and make it last all day, this isn’t it. It may be just because I have oily skin but this isn't as good as I was hoping for...and I am a faithful MAC girl so sadly I was a bit disappointed. This is pprobably meant more for people with dry or normal skin.

Im in LOVE. Can't do my foundation without it.

I'm in hell if I don't have my foundation set with my Mac Fix+! Its such a huge difference for me with dry skin. Whenever I do my foundation it always leaves that dry, "cakey", powdery feel to my face. With the Fix+, my foundation & powder sinks into my skin and gives me the perfect airbrushed, flawless, luminous look! It's DEF not just a water spray, there's some magic stuff in that bottle. I love it. I have a mini travel size when I want to freshen up my foundation & a full size for my everyday makeup routine.