Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara Black


Anaia Papaya J.'s Review Image

I love mascara but this one is the best by-far! I have pretty healthy lashes to begin with but they don't really stand out much but, when I use this mascara my eye lashes suddenly grow 100000xs longer! Of course I'm exaggerating but this is my go to mascara to finish any look! <3

Perfect! ;)

Separates, gives MEGA volume and lengthens like crazy!! Gotta hand it to loreal with this mascara, Probably my favorite thing in my makeup bag atm! The ONLY bad thing i have to say about this mascara the smell :/ so strongly scented. Other than that, perfect mascara for my lashes. Already bought my second tube.

Good mascara and my fave for false lashes.

I really like the formula of this mascara. It gives a nice balance of length and volume. It's not too wet, but doesn't dry too fast to build up multiple coats. It has a rubberized brush with short bristles that I LOVE. It's not the first mascara I grab for my natural lashes, but it's my go-to for using after applying false lashes. It does a perfect job of blending my natural lashes into the falsies and separating everything nicely. There is a rose scent to it that some might not like. I love it, however. It's reminiscent of the scents they used in a lot of beauty products in the 70's when I was a little girl. It brings back memories of watching my mom and grandmother do their makeup. <3

My All Time Favorite Mascara!

I absolutely love this mascara. It thickens, lengthens, and separates! I've tried a lot of other mascaras and this is by far the best. It has a similar packaging to the L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen mascara but thankfully is completely different. I didn't like that mascara because the combination of the wet formula and brush made my lashes extremely clumpy. Million Lashes doesn't clump at all and it makes my lashes look full and amazing! I can't say enough good things!

Separates...that's about it

I have always been a big fan of L'Oreal but this one let me down. I have been using L'Oreal's Telescopic Carbon Black in Carbon Black since it came out and felt like trying something new. Well, this one basically just tinted them and separated them but I got absolutely no length, color, or volume really. I tried using it first then using my other one and that works well but using it alone was not that successful.


I switchecd from Maybelline Great Lash to this, and I feel that this product is way better. I love the brush, and that's saying something because I am picky with brushes. I also like the design of the handle; I find it very easy to grip while applying it. This mascara gives me a dramatic, yet natural look without giving me clumpy spider lashes. Wonderful prodcut!!

My Go To

This is a great mascara.
Let me tell you a little story, I have thin, blonde, wispy little lashes and have been searching for something to battle this fact. I didn't want to just make them average I wanted to rock bold bad ass lashes. I've literally tried everything to make this dream come true and I've got to say aside from wearing fake lashes or extensions this mascara is where it is at. I, the girl with wispy, blonde, nothing lashes actually get complimented on them now.
The main reason this works so well for me is because it's buildable so I can get on quite a few coats before it starts looking clumpy.


I love the volume that it gives to my lashes! I have very little lashes to work with but this mascara gives a great full lashes look! There's absolutely no clumps. The only thing I don't like from this mascara is that is has an odor to it.


A lot of people talk about how fantastic this mascara is, so I went and got it. I hated it!! It didn't do a single thing for my lashes. It essentially coated them and made them black. No lengthening, no volume, no anything.

Worst Mascara Ever!

I tried this based upon a recommendation from a friend... I was highly disappointed! I personally do not like mascaras that are real wet, I prefer a dry formula. It was a mess when applying it and would get every where! And it did not give me a million lashes... definitely a miss and will never purchase again!