Infallible Lip Color


Best Long Lasting Lipstick

I bought the Beyonce red Infallible Lip color because I fell in love with the gorgeous shade of red it was.
In order for it to work properly you have to apply it properly.
I only use 1 swipe of this making sure to get the corners of mouth, and everywhere in between. After waiting for it dry for 2 minutes it feels sticky, but after you apply the balm (which is clear) you will see that none of it comes off and your lips look glossy. The balm also smells like candy which is a plus.

With any deep lipstick I find that it works best if you use a lip scrub first just to get all the dead skin off, I then applied a lip balm and waited for it to dry before I started. After this is done the color payoff was intensified and it stayed on even longer. I only had to reapply the balm 3/4 times throughout the day, I thought it would have to be more because I usually apply Chapstick a lot throughout a day but doing the lip scrub first definitely helps. I use MAC Cleanse Off Oil makeup remover to get off which takes a bit of work but is totally worth it.
With Christmas just passing I wore this to all of my events and even after eating, drinking, hugging and kissing family cheeks it still lasted and everyone was so impressed!

Bottom Line: I will be repurchasing and trying new colours for sure.


I love these!! You need to put it on RIGHT though. You have to start with completely clean lips, no chapstick or anything on them. Once you take the color want out of the tube you have to scrape as much product off as you can. You put on a thin first coat and let it dry for about a minute, then repeat. Then, after it is completely dry, put the lip balm it comes with on. Don't go too crazy with it though because it is kind of a slick formula. I found that if you want more moisture, the Nivea kiss of Smoothness lip balm works well with the product.
I have worn this through out full days and several meals and no flaking, you just have to put super thin layers on for it to work.

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A product worth trying

I really like this lipstick. At first I was skeptical because it sounded like every too good to be true gimmick out there. So I pulled myself together and just gave in a bought one lipstick. It took a while to get used to at first. Yes, it did not stay as thorough like others here mentioned and of course what its advertised to be. But, that was my first trial run and also I didn’t have my lips prep how it says they need to be on the package. I gave it another try the second time around and I love it. This lipstick really last a very long time. And really, it’s not really a lipstick in my mind it’s like a lip paint (in between a lip gloss and a lip stick…similar to the OCC Lip Tars)

The way I apply is making sure you have really dry lips (I mean moisturize them for a good 10mins before applying anything to your lips and then wipe off the residue so there’s not a film of anything on your lips). Then, I lightly line my entire lip with a lip liner similar to my lipstick shade, I then wait a few seconds. Next I apply the lip color and I use a very thin coat. The Infallible’s are pretty pigmented so there’s really no need to pack it on. Once the lip shade is on, seriously let that dry for a good minute or two. Kiss your hand just to be sure nothing transfers. :) Then finally, add the lip shine/moisturizer it comes with….and whoohoo you have beautiful lips that will last all day.

I apply mine at 7am in the morning and no joke by 8pm it’s still on. I know this product can be a bit pricy for drugstore…BUT if you find yourself a coupon from Ulta you can score a good discount, plus L’ Oreal seem to always have sales so definitely take advantage of that. AND…right now around this Christmas time at CVS they have 50% off this products….which I was able to pick up more shades. So far I own Garnet, Beyonce Red, and Diane's Tuberose .

Sorry this is long…..I just had to give my breakdown on this product since I know people are having some mixed emotions. :)

Really quite good

So I went out on a limb and tried this product, and was pleasantly surprised by how nice it actually is. I applied the lipstick, let dry, then the balm, and devoured a chicken dinner (let's say I'm not the most lady like eater sometimes) and the color was as vibrant as when I first applied it. Once it dries it feels so light yet is so durable. I love it.

Not The Best!

I was going into my local drugstore to find an amazing red lip stain and I heard about this infallible Lip color in crimson. I picked it up and where I bought it the product itself was about ten dollars at my local drugstore. Since it was a little more pricier than other I figured it would be a great product for me to use and I heard great reviews. Well when I got it home I tried it on and after about 30 seconds of having it on it dried my lips out completely. I used the "conditioning balm" after I waited 2 minutes and it chipped off so for me not a re-buy.

Best(the only one) lip product I ever used!

I'm not keen on wearing lip products(especially lip gloss), but this is absolutely amazing! It lasts half a day, doesn't smear, you can even kiss people on their cheeks and prank them("Oh, I'm sorry...I left lipstick marks on your cheek!").
Although I don't recommend it if you have dry/chapped lips, all I can say about this product is: "WOW!!!"


this product is ok it does last for a long time, but when i tried to put on a second layer it all rubbed off kind of like what happens when you put too many coats of nail pollish on at a time and it also did something similar when i tried to use the lip balm stuff that comes with it. it also smells and tastes odd and it dried out my lips, which should be expected with a lip stain, but usually it goes away after i apply glos or balm but it just rubbed everything off and ddnt work

its okay

i like it, but i feel that it dried out my lips after a while, but really long lasting!! i find that the clear lipstick that comes with it is great on its own and very moisturizing so sometimes when i just want some shine i end up just using that


I purchased the Beyonce red lip color months ago and put it in a drawer and forgot about it. I recently found it and finally tried it. The product does lasts for hours! It is very bright in color and does not smudge! The only down side was I found it very difficult to take off. I found myself alomost scrubbing my lips with a lot of pressure to get the product fully off. But if you're looking for long-lasting stay this is definitely a go to!

I love it!

I have also recently tried the Beyonce red Infallible lip color and it is so pretty! it last all night long and when you first apply it is is sticky and takes some time to get use too but overall if you are looking for a good red that will last all night and won't fade then I say pick it up!