HYPNÔSE DRAMA Instant Full Body Volume Mascara


Only Like (UPDATE)

I got a sample of this mascara and thought it was pretty solid. The formula was smooth and it did give body and volume to my lashes. I like it for night time because it is bold and gives a slightly dramatic look. The only reason I don't love it is because of the brush. My lashes are short and the bristles are so long I get it on my eyelids sometimes. If I didn't have a sample, I probably wouldn't spend the money. If you have longer lashes then you will probably love this mascara. *UPDATE* Ok, I take it back. I LOVE this mascara! I just love the way it looks and the drama it gives my lashes. I eventually got used to the long bristles on the brush (it's a technique) and now I just love it. I use it every time I go for a night out. If i'm in a hurry I won't use it, but I do actually love this mascara... :)

Holy grail

I have the typical short Asian eyelashes that are naturally droopy with no curls. I use my Shiseido eyelash curler and use 1 coat of this mascara and it immediately gives my eyes a lift! The waterproof allows the curl to hold ALL day and I did wear it to sleep (occasional laziness) and the next morning I still have flirty lashes. I used lash blast before I found this...and it was tough to switch products but I don't think I'll be going back to lash blast...that is only if I'm on a budget. :)


ive never used a better mascara. its never clumped on my lashes. i fell so in love with it i had to go back and get the water proof one!

Love Love Love!

Amazing mascara that gives you the volume and length in one formula! The wand is beautifully made so the bristles separate and coat each lash. I highly recommend this to everyone!

Best mascara I've ever used

Got this mascara as a gift and I love it! Best mascara I've ever used hands down for sure. Not clumpy, unique bristles giving you maximum volume that lengthens your lashes about x3 longer gives you the dramatic bold fierce look. Don't think I'll ever change go a different mascara! - it's gotta be pretty damn good if I do!

Too expensive and not a good mascara. I bought this two times and i don't know why. I thought it did a good job when I first started using it, but when i tried benefit and too faced mascaras, they were wayyy better than this. I am not purchasing this anymore!!


I thought that diorshow blackout was my fave mascara well not anymore. I tried this on suggestion and wow my lashes looked amazing. They look thicker, longer and darker. It definitely gives me the false lash effect I am looking for. The want really gets into my lashes deeper and coats them. The mascara holds the curl wonderfully.


Okay seriously, this product will make your lashes huge... Super long, thick and black! Perfecto. Only downsides include slight clump build up when re-coating lashes which is understandable. Maybe not everyone's preference for everyday wear but for a night out or a dramatic effect for a dinner date... Go for it!

I looooove it! since i have sensitive eyes and I got this mascara as a present I was a bit suspicious about it but now i'm 100% sure it is the best mascara I have ever had!

Lancome took over as a favorite

Before Lancome, I was a fantatic over Fairy Drops Mascara, however Lancome brags as industry leader for a reason. I got a small Drama mascara as a sample in one of those Sephora promotions. I loved it so much I went back and purchased the full size. I have put my sister and a friend on to this mascara and they have not looked back since.

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