Madly Matte MM90 Matte Finisher

Trendsetter's Must-Have item for the season. KleanColor's matte finisher transforms any nail color from high gloss to matte instantly allowing you to wear any of the colors you already have and yet to keep you in latest trend. Apply your favorite KleanColor nail lacquer and use Madly Matte in place of a coat for a smooth matte finish.


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Mary Anne M.
Mary Anne M.
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Eyes: Brown

Skin: Fair-Medium; Oily, Combination

Hair: Black; Dry, Coarse, Oily

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This claims to give a matte finish to nail polish but when I painted this over a metallic base color and a solid/cream cracked polish, the results were actually more semi-glossy than matte, as if the first two colors had freshly dried and did not have a top coat over them yet. This certainly is a top coat if you don't want a high-shine gloss over your nail design, because it will preserve your nail polish longer than without any top coat, but it's not truly matte in finish. I wanted to like it, since it's very inexpensive, but it's not quite what I was looking for.