It's A 10

Miracle Leave-In


i LOVE this! rarely you see a product that does anything it claims. after years of trying product after product to tame my frizz and curls, my boss and a co-worker recommended this. so skeptically, i tried and was AMAZED! not only does it smell good, but it does EVERYTHING on the list 1-10 (not in any particular order, but all at once! lol). i recommend this to anyone with hair woes. you won't be disappointed! (unless for any reason you don't like tamed hair... heh)

must have for everyone

i use this product more than any other in my salon. i bought it for myself and i loved it so much after the first time i used it that i brought it into the salon. it is an amazing leave in product for all types of hair. it is light weight so it does not weigh down fine hair or curls. it detangles snarls better than any detangler i have tried, and i have tried many over the years. children are notorious for snarls and knots, i have had parents bring their children into the salon just because they could not get the hair detangled... i spray a little of this into the hair and with a little finesse, even the worst matted hair can be combed smooth. dry, damaged, bleached, color treated, chemically treated, and sun stressed hair has a savior in this product. my clients love the way their hair feels soft, smooth, and nourished when i use this product on their strands. everyone seems to enjoy the scent, they like that it is a light and refreshing scent and that it lingers slightly throughout the day.

i personally believe that everyone can benefit from using a leave in product after their regular shampoo/condition, the trick is to find one that suits your individual needs.

i recommend this product to everyone... thin or thick, natural or color/chemically treated, curly or straight, damaged or healthy--- no matter the condition of your hair this product works wonders!!!!

Use This Every Day!

My hair is extremely damaged from coloring it and using heat nearly every day. I literally cannot brush through it without this stuff. Just a few spritz and my hair is sleek and smooth...and it smells great! Well worth the price.

New Hair!

It's a 10, is a miracle worker. Lately my hair has felt fragile, dull, and damaged. I tried different drugstore products and nothing was working. I bought this product at ULTA and used it for the first time last week. I couldn't believe it! As soon as I applied it to my hair and styled my hair, it felt like never before. Brand new movie-star hair! It's a must have, you will not be disappointed!

More like a 6...

I got this product free from Ulta for being a member, so I didn't really notice the price. I bought this to use on Luxy extensions that I just got, but I tried it on my hair first. I didn't like it at all. My hair dried thicker than it usually does (that's saying a lot because I have thick hair), my hair was super frizzy, and it felt dry and dirty. I only used it once because I disliked it that much.


LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I'll spray its a 10 miracle leave in product after I get out of the shower and my hair always feels so soft. Smells great & if I go to bed with wet hair I wake up and my hair always ends up extremely wavy/curly from using its a 10 miracle leave in product. ??????

Huge mistake

The hype for 'it's a 10' products is unreal. Unfortunately I purchased both Leave in conditioner mask and it's a 10 spray, both a big FAIL. People save your money and time and purchase something else

Great! But not worth the price

My mom got this for me as a gift. I absolutely LOVED it. It detangled my knotty hair and smoothed it out. But after I ran out, I went to CVS and saw the price. Holy Kow! Definitely not worth the price for the amount of product you get

slow . product

its a good detangler .that's all. it takes knots out hair but really doesn't strengthen hair. overall its a ok product. it should be cheaper. now I have to find a better product for my hair again. anybody hs


this product not only smells good but makes my hair feel silky smooth. And even the little bottle lasts forever! Definitely worth the money. I recommend this product to anybody with any hair type/texture !