It's A 10

Miracle Hair Mask


Can't go wrong with It's a 10

I really love this product, it does great work at hydrating my hair. I really like this because it doesn't have protein in it which means it's AMAZING to use after a protein treatment (you don't want another product with protein because it'll make your hair hard and stiff). Every 4 weeks or so I'll do a protein treatment and follow it up with this conditioner and I die every time. My hair is so soft and strong and thick afterwards. And since I don't wash my hair every day I'll use this maybe once a week or so as a moisture treatment and it's amazing.


This is a SERIOUS deep conditioner- I used to dye my hair blonde back in my chunky-stripper-highlights days and my hair got sooo brittle and dry, with tons of breakage... but using this kept my hair super soft, shiny, and healthy-looking. If you have really dry, coarse, color-treated hair, you have to give this hair mask a shot. You won't be disappointed! The only negative things about this product are the hefty price (almost $30 per jar), the fact that it can weigh hair down (I hate flat hair so I only used it once a week) and that it broke me out because of the silicones/oils. It works so well as a conditioner, though, that I would still definitely use it once in a while- when my hair is in desperate need of moisture.

Skeptical at first but it delivered!

I picked this up at a Supercuts so I wasn't sure how this was going to condition. I'm so glad I bought this! It smells amazing and works really well to tame my less than appealing split ends. A bit pricey at $24 a jar but a quality product nonetheless.


This product saved my hair! I love everything from 'it's a 10.' This made my hair so soft and looks so amazing. My hair always looks so healthy after I use this product. Definitely one of my favorites!


USE IT WEEKLY! YOUR'E HAIR WILL BECOME SOOO SOFT AND AMAZING... i usually leave this in my hair for 2 hours. I shower, wash my hair. and then I leave it in while I'm doing chores around the house. Then I rinse, and partially air dry/blow dry and then flat iron it. My hair really goes through a lot of heat stress, and this deep conditioner is like a miracle.


this is seriously the best deep conditioner that I have ever used!!! smells fantastic & my hair always feels amazing! thanks its a 10 for restoring my dry damaged hair to silky smooth hair!

I use this every once ina while and love it for when my hair gets dry and needs so extra moisture I like this verse the spray a lot better

My hair gets extremely tangled especially after washing and this stuff works like a miracle!! Love it. It smells really good and doesn't weight the hair down. I also like the spray in I think the two together compliment one another.

Love it!

So happy my aunt can get this for me for half price at the salon because it's a little pricey but once you see what it does for your hair you won't really care. I use this probably once every other week because I don't want to run out of it too fast lol but since I only wash my hair about 4 times within 2 weeks, my hair stays conditioned longer than other who have to wash more frequently. Anyway, splurge on your hair and take care of it! Your hair will thank you for this one.

Another Favorite

I don't always use this hair mask mostly because I find it to be very pricey! But, when I do have this on hand I fall in love with it all over again. It's really great to use as a hair mask once a week, to maybe everyday. It doesn't weigh my hair down at all, and gives my hair so much shine! Since I have fine hair, that is a major plus for me. The consistency of this hair mask is a little runny, almost like it has a lot of water. It feels a lot like a regular conditioner. When I use it I like to put it on dry hair, and leave it in for an entire day, or overnight. I just wash/rinse my hair out the following morning, or that evening.