GOSH Cosmetics

Effect Powder

A small glass jar with an incredibly silky, iridescent powder in a variety of colors. GOSH EFFECT POWDER can be used as an eye shadow. This shiny powder can give either a strong color effect or be faded out for a shivering effect as a highlighter.


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Lynn D.
Lynn D.
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Eyes: Green

Skin: Fair; Oily

Hair: Brown; Oily

Beautiful but hard work

I have a lot of feelings with the effect powder from gosh.
All the colours are really beautiful! A lot of them look soooo nice and shiny! I have 4 of them and I find it reallllly hard to work with! I have only used it as an eye shadow.
When you pack on the colour dry, it really wont stay when you get to the blending part. It will look nice at first, but then you wont see the colours after you blended out another colour. So I tried to use the product wet. I absolutely love the pigmentation when using the powder wet! If you put it wet on your eyelids it will look even and beautiful, but while it's wet you can't really blend it. So I waited until it dried again. Then again a lot of powder flew away when I wanted to blend it out. I don't have mixing medium and I don't have a setting spray but I assume that would be very handy with this product!
I'm going to figure this product a little bit more out, because I love the product.