Love It!!!

I really love Dior cosmetics but this one is my favourite one product i really love it and specially Gris Montaigine 707 because my fav color is grey... And my new year wish would be that i have all the cosmetics of Dior.... Love it and 5 stars....

Very beautiful color, looks even beter in real life. It lays very well, and you don't need to put more layers than one. Dries quickly. It's my first day I wear it, and I already received a lot of good compliments.
Love it!

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dries quick - one layer - pretty colors

I love Dior nailpolish! It only needs one layer and it dries reasonbly fast. I think the brush is perfect, because it's wider, but I can see why not everybody likes it, in the beginning I also had one or two orange fingers. But now I don't have that problem anymore. It's well worth it's money!!

The color is great and deep, there's no need for a second layer with this, but I have the same problem with this as I have with the Chanel one: the brush. It's wide and I end up having nail polish on my fingers.