5-Colour Eyeshadow Garden Party Edition

The legendary 5 Colours palette has been reinvented in a superb Collector version: the the shadows have been delicately embossed with a rose motif, as if they have been hand-embroidered in the Dior Couture Ateliers. Two palettes feature a range of fresh pastel harmonies, one in luminous green, the other in violets and delicate shades of pink.


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My husband bought this for me while he was in Seoul, because they were sold out everywhere in the US and I couldn't get my hands on these. This is probably my most cherished make up palette ever. The colors are pastel and shimmery...it adds just the right amount of sheen for a delicate look.

I love everything about this! It's too bad this is a limited edition, because I hate to have to find it if I run out.