Coco Madamoiselle


My Go-To Fragrance

I absolutely adore this fragrance. It is light and floral, not overwhelming at all! I use this for everyday and also for laid-back nights out with friends. The scent is long-lasting! I couldn't ask for more.. except for another bottle! I'm almost out! Yikes!

never took the time to smell the Chanel

i was never really into the Chanel perfumes i thought they smell like old lady (sorry if i offend anyone) i work in department store and one day i finally decided to spritz this perfume and I'm in love it with it every time i go to work i spritz it. i got the gift set for my birthday i haven't used to the cream or the lotion yet

My no fail compliment getter

Coco Mademoiselle is my go to everyday perfume, it smells warm and floral and never fails to garner compliments from those around me. I have used it for the last 5 years and it still is as great as when I first started wearing it.


One of my favorite perfumes. Not in top 3, but in top 10 for sure:-) It's too popular and too many people use it thats why i dont put it in top 3, but it's really one of the best by CHANEL

Wonderful fragrance

Warm and floral fragrance. Always get compliments on this one. Not my everyday perfume since its a heavier perfume but definitely my "night on" fragrance. A classic perfume that I I will always have in my collection.

What I can say for this-just perfection. I want this so much. This is for lady who act like that,who dress like a lady what I have, that attitude.

Gorgeous smell, can be for a fancy occasion or every day
Soooo lovely and can't help but spray it every day (quite addictive haha)
Works well with other fragrances too

Woman-y (as opposed to 'girly')

This is the most woman-y (as opposed to 'girly') scent I own! I used to only wear Vera Wang Princess (for evenings) and DKNY's Limited Edition Cherry Blossom thing (as my 'day scent') but [IMHO] this is suitable as both a day/evening perfume, and it lasts all day (so it's good for a long days). It's also very seductress-y and gets you in the mood to seduce people (not that I seduce that many men in real life, I'm just saying it makes one want to go, "MEOOOW!" *Puuurs*). And makes me behave slightly more grown-up and old-fashioned and sassy-classy too. It's the second most grown-up perfume I own after Armani Code.

Sexy elegant fresh clean sophisticated fancy classy love it... I always get amazing compliments when I wear it.. I always feel so fancy when I say I wear coco Chanel lol

special occasions

a little goes a long way with this perfume, smells beautiful but because it's a long lasting scent a little too much can overwhelm the overall quality. It's a warm kind of scent