Coco Madamoiselle


My Go-To Fragrance

I absolutely adore this fragrance. It is light and floral, not overwhelming at all! I use this for everyday and also for laid-back nights out with friends. The scent is long-lasting! I couldn't ask for more.. except for another bottle! I'm almost out! Yikes!

never took the time to smell the Chanel

i was never really into the Chanel perfumes i thought they smell like old lady (sorry if i offend anyone) i work in department store and one day i finally decided to spritz this perfume and I'm in love it with it every time i go to work i spritz it. i got the gift set for my birthday i haven't used to the cream or the lotion yet

My no fail compliment getter

Coco Mademoiselle is my go to everyday perfume, it smells warm and floral and never fails to garner compliments from those around me. I have used it for the last 5 years and it still is as great as when I first started wearing it.


One of my favorite perfumes. Not in top 3, but in top 10 for sure:-) It's too popular and too many people use it thats why i dont put it in top 3, but it's really one of the best by CHANEL

Woman-y (as opposed to 'girly')

This is the most woman-y (as opposed to 'girly') scent I own! I used to only wear Vera Wang Princess (for evenings) and DKNY's Limited Edition Cherry Blossom thing (as my 'day scent') but [IMHO] this is suitable as both a day/evening perfume, and it lasts all day (so it's good for a long days). It's also very seductress-y and gets you in the mood to seduce people (not that I seduce that many men in real life, I'm just saying it makes one want to go, "MEOOOW!" *Puuurs*). And makes me behave slightly more grown-up and old-fashioned and sassy-classy too. It's the second most grown-up perfume I own after Armani Code.

Sexy elegant fresh clean sophisticated fancy classy love it... I always get amazing compliments when I wear it.. I always feel so fancy when I say I wear coco Chanel lol

special occasions

a little goes a long way with this perfume, smells beautiful but because it's a long lasting scent a little too much can overwhelm the overall quality. It's a warm kind of scent

I received this as a gift a while ago. I did not find it completely unpleasant exactly, but it is not for me. it must be the patchouli. I have never been a fan of that note. it just smells dirty. I do get to like it better after it develops on the skin for some time, but it is not a fragrance I like. the bottle is beautiful and the scent has medium staying power.

Twist and Spray is Genius

This little beauty is absolutely perfect if you’re a social butterfly and are always on the go. The 20ml refills are the ideal size especially if you’re jetting off on holiday for a week or so. Those atomisers are cute and dinky but let’s be honest, they’re worth a couple of sprays before you have to go through the arduous process of refilling them. Great for the odd night out but nothing more than that. The beauty of the twist and spray is that you can chuck it in your handbag, make-up bag or suitcase and not worry about the lid coming off, spillage or, god forbid, the glass shattering all over your bag and wasting those precious, often expensive drops of loveliness. I always keep mine handy for weekends away or longer travel stints, choosing to use my larger glass bottles of perfume at home. The twist and spray feature is pure ergonomic genius and just feels so utterly chic but practical at the same time. As a personal preference, I prefer to Eau de Toilette over the Eau de Parfum – it’s much lighter and breezier and better suited to younger women. As much as I want to adore Chanel No. 5, I simply cannot come round to its strong, grown-up scent. Perhaps in a decade or so I’ll feel different. The scent is fresh and feminine – I don’t get on well with sickly sweet perfumes at all – this one is beautifully balanced and smells delightful as soon as you spray it onto your skin or into the air. I find some perfumes are too heavy and strong on the initial spray and take time to settle and mellow – this isn’t one of them! As with all Chanel products, the packaging is classic and classy. Pearly white with a nozzle of gorgeous gold embossed with the back to back ‘c’ logo that exudes expensive, the whole product really is to die for. Re-filling is simple and hassle-free.

My boyfriend brought this for me 3years ago, it's been my favourite perfume ever since! You don't have to spray alot and it lasts all day i can still smell this hours after i've sprayed it! The scent is girly and sweet. I'm always complemented when i wear this. My dad brought me the eau de toilette & it doesn't last as long so i'd definatekly recommend buying the actual perfume. This product brings a huge smile to my face when i recieve it as a present :)