Bumble and Bumble

Surf Spray


I used to love you...

I used to use this ALL of the time. I would always buy a backup so that I wouldn't run out. I have hair that's hard to curl, so I used to use this when I'd scrunch my hair or alone on braids or a bun to amplify waves. Honestly, I feel guilty betraying it, but this is overrated. This is just one of those things where the DIY would actually be much better. You wouldn't be compromising to make your own seasalt spray- it works the same if not better, doesn't have anything added to it, and saves a butt load of money


I love spaying this in my hair after I've curled my hair it has a nice hold and it gives my hair that "messy" look I love so much, it also helps enhance your natural curl!

Great product

I have been using this for 3 years during humid months, love it. It adds curl and body right away with little to no additional effort. The only thing that I don't like about it is a dry crunchy feeling. I am a hair twirler, and it makes my hair feel like straw.

Smells Like Ocean :)

This stuff is amazing. Its my go to option when i dont know what to do with my hair. I spray it on my hair when i braid parts and pin them back to give it a rugged tough feel. However, do not use on flat-iorned hair if not already a bit frizzy. It turns into a mess. Otherwise, Looooove it

Beach hair in just a few sprays.

Love this product - SO quick and easy to use. Makes your hair look absolutely amazing, I can go from dead straight hair to beach waves in just a few sprays! Only downside (for me) is that it obviously does feel like there is product in your hair, a little crunchy kind of. I prefer products that don't do that. But for the amazing effect this gives, I don't mind.

best styling product I have ever used...

... I could go on for days about this product I loved using this everyday it does not leave any residue in your hair man I really love this stuff and it is priced great I will continue to use this..

Good product, only pricey

My stylist used this on my short hair a few years ago and since then it's been a standby whenever I cut my hair short. I love the scent and the texture it gives my fine, straight hair. I only wish it wasn't so expensive for what it actually is. I didn't like using it when I grew my hair out, not enough hold and too much "crispy" texture for longer hair.

Love, love, love.

This so far is my favorite beach spray. A hair stylist used it on me a couple years ago, now it's becoming popular all of the sudden! It smells great, I love the smell of beach sprays. It adds great texture! If you scrunch your hair up a bit it'll add some beachy bounce/curl.

A little pricey

It's a good spray and I got it when it first came out at Sephora. I ran out and since then replaced it with BLOW. It is good and smells good; I just wasn't highly impressed with it for being Bumble and Bumble.

LOOVE this spray! It's my go-to spray when I am in a rush, it helps give my hair subtle volume and life without being hard and sticky. Just like after a day on the beach!