Crealine H20


I love this!! This is my HG makeup remover.My skin is super sensitive(irritated to touch ) plus its normal-dry and this remover gently takes off all my makeup and eyemakeup (even waterproof).I definitely recommend this if you have sensitive,normal-dry skin like mine !

This is my 5th bottle of this stuff, Glad it is in Canada now

The first time I saw this in a shoppers drug mart I freaked and bought two of the 250 ml bottles and now I have the 500ml with a pump which is so convenient and it has lasted me for about 5 months so far and still going strong and I use it everyday, twice a day

Very Soothing!

I finally bought this product after watching a lot of people on YouTube raving about it and I love it! Even though it does my remove my waterproof mascara and liners, it takes off everything else without leaving a ton of oil on my face. My skin is already oily and acne prone. I'll even use this when I didn't wear makeup but I just want my skin to be a little cleaner after a long day. I bought the travel size because I was unsure at first but I will be investing in a larger size soon.

Love this make up remover. I have used it for years. I always have a bottle in my bathroom. It's gentle and really easy to use, you don't need water or to rinse it of. It's the best make up remover on the go. It also comes in make up wipes, will be trying them soon.

A new staple!

I'm loving this product so much that I've started using it as a daily makeup remover (except for mascara). It literally get's all my makeup off, easily, gently and with not a single trace of residue. It doesn't sting my eyes one bit, and I do have large, sensitive eyes for sure. At $30 Singapore dollars however, it's pretty expensive, but well worth it.

Awesomeness in a bottle!

I recently got my hands on some Bioderma in the regular Crealine formula and fell in love with it! I use it mainly to remove face make-up prior to washing it with a foaming cleanser and my skin has been loving it. Since then, I bought myself the Sebium version with is a formula for combination/oily and acne prone skin and needless to say, I really like it. I noticed a massive difference in my skin condition compared to when I was using my cleanser as my make-up remover. Only downside is that it doesn't remove my waterproof mascara all too well. Other than that, I highly recommend this product. A more detailed review on my blog -

AMAZING and Worth every penny.... < Watch my review here... I am so impressed with this product I brought it on Friday as my skin was playing up and I had spots galore! Its calmed my skin down and I think this will now be part of my skincare routine always! xx

For me I think that is very expensive for make-up remover, I don’t normally spend more then £5 because I wear make-up everyday so I use a large amount of it. I was amazed of how good it is, it remover all of my eye make-up and it leave my eyes felt moisturise and refresh it had a light perfume smell that it not over powering. It even get rid of waterproof eyeliner. Overall I do like this make-up remover but I dont think I will be re-buy it again just simply because i wear make-up everyday and i go though bottles of make-up remover like i mention early that £5 is my budget that i spend on make-up remover and also think that Bioderma is very expensive and there are alternative product in the market.

One of the most efficient products to remove makeup

I really love this product! It cleanses my skin without effort even water resistent products. Because this doesn't have soap or alcohol it's safe for everyday use and improve our skin!!

The best !

Not a lot to say ! For the price and the amount of product that you get you can't go wrong. Removes everything (but not waterproof make-up), it feels refreshing on the skin and it doesn't smell at all. There is a good reason that product is raved about in the make-up industry, it's because it's perfect !