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If Wonder Woman were a concealer.

I've had dark circles my whole life, and they seem to be passed down in my family. I was so used to them as a kid, I never really thought twice until I was in Middle School. Once I started wearing makeup, my main concern was being able to cover them up!

Did I ever find a concealer that would do the job that wasn't too yellow or just not powerful enough? No. I needed something INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH! I needed Erase Paste.

I was super skeptical at first thinking, "HAH -- there's no way $26 is worth it." Boy, was I wrong. It does come in a small container so BEWARE! I almost didn't buy it when I saw it in person just because of that. I've been using this for almost two months now, and there's barely a dent in the tub. And I use it every day. I'm pretty sure this little baby will last me into the middle of next year!

The texture is a bit weird at first... like a thick, rich, creamy gel almost. I use the little plastic spatula it comes with to scoop out a teensy bit. Smaller than a pea. I dab it along my circles and connect the dots by blending -- and OH does it blend in so smoothly.

Make sure not to put too much on your lower lid, it may settle in the teensy creases. Blending is key here!! Blend, blend, blend, beauties! There's a great little instruction booklet with pictures that helped a ton.

I like to finish it off with powder (usually ends up being my Bare Minerals) so it lasts superlong. Now, I'm happy as a clam with no horrendous purple circles under my eyes to speak of!

Must be used over Stay Don't Stray

I am going to start with the pros. It does have a corrector incorporated in it already so it corrects and conceals. It is very concentrated so a little definitely goes a long way and can be long lasting.

Now, for the cons, the darkest color isnt all that dark and could not be used on women with dark tones. Wish there was a bit more of a variety in terms of dark colors. For my personal opinion, it is too thick. Also, not ideal for those women who just want to wear concealer and run out the house. You do need some type of foundation either liquid or powder to blend any noticeable usage of it.

In regards to it not staying on for long, its best when you use an eye cream as every woman should use with or without concealer. Let sit, then apply Benefit's: "Stay Don't Stray" eye shadow and concealer primer. Then, follow with Erase Paste.


this is thick, but if u dab on the under eye area, it brightens up and feels natural. Dont rub on the lower lid as it will end up crease.

Creamy and Consistent

I purchased Erase Paste a year ago and just hit pan yesterday - trust me when I say that a little goes a LONG way with this product! As promised, the concealer is thick and uber-creamy (wrinkles are inevitable), providing heavy coverage for those who need it. I warm it up between my fingers so that I can blend with ease and use less concealer in the process: The warmer it is, the easier it spreads! My only issue with this concealer is that it tends to melt away in the heat. Note to users: SET WITH POWDER.

Good, but you can find better.

This concealer does what it's meant to do - conceal. But at a price. The consistency is extremely creamy making creasing inevitable. Be sure to set the under eye area with a good powder to ensure this wont happen. This is actually the only concealer thats ever creased for me, so i tend to only use it when my other ones have run out. As far as coverage goes, it is good. It has a peachy tone to it, so it helps aid in hiding dark circles. I still think better bang for your buck would be Mac's ProLongWear concealer... that stuff is fantastic in comparison.

The Best Concealer EVER

I've been using this for years and i love it. Unfortunately i had a reaction to a product some time ago that left me with dark pigmentation under my eyes and I tried lots of different concealers like Touce Éclat and Boi-ing but I found they didn't give the coverage I needed. Then the Benefit assistant suggested I try Erase Paste and at first I thought it was a bit thick and fell into my creases within a few hours so I went back and the assistant suggested warming the paste up on the back of my hand before applying it to make it more workable and it worked!!! I'd never use anything else!!! Not only does it cover up my horrible hyper pigmentation, but it has light reflecting technology that adds a hint of brightness too!! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!!


I was super excited to try out this concealer as I've heard alot of great things about Benefit's products.
It does stay on my spots and makes my skin tone look more even which is a positive. Also, I like that you get a mini spatula with the product which helps for easy application and saves from getting bacteria from hands and fingers in the pot (which is also an ok size)
The negative about this product is that it does tend to look cakey, especially on my nose for some reason. My skin isn't dry or oily so I don't understand how it can have this effect. Also, I have to apply it twice to my undereyes within half hour of applying as it doesn't take too well on my eyes.
Overall, I do think its a great product, but I got the same effect with my Soap and Glory Dual Concealer which I payed half of the price for. And it's more sanitary with the mini spatula which comes with it. Not quite sure if I would recommend as there are the same amount of good and bad things about the product.

Fabulous but not longwearing

I really love this concealer as an extra step if I need more coverage. I use this on top of a concealer that sets and will last all day. It really will brighten under eyes and yes it does cover well..BUT seeing that it is a cream and does not set it will not last very long. So keep it in your purse to touch up throughout the night!


Brilliantly blendable, gorgeous consistency - better than any other concealer I've used. It reflects the light which it great for under eye circles and it hides everything! A little goes a long way too, I've had mine for a long time and still have plenty left. The only thing I would say is the could have it in a few more shades but apart from that, this product is pretty close to perfection.

Amazing Concealer...

Mine is almost done! Love it so much, so creamy, so pigmented, that salmony color brightens really well my dark circles, is blends well, so smooth, and I would definitely repurchase. The only thing is that it gets into my fine lines because is so creamy but other than that I just love it!...