Dita Von Teese Gel Eyeliner

Dita’s famous black eyeliner is easy to recreate with the "Dita" Gel Eyeliner "NOCTURNELLE" No. 1, a gel-based waterproof black eyeliner. It accentuates the eyes with just one application. Carbon black pigments create deep black color results. Thanks to its extremely long-lasting and quick-drying formula, the eye makeup continues to look freshly applied all day long. The limited edition eyeliner is free of mineral oil, paraffin, and parabens.
The Making of the ArtDeco Dita Von Teese Beauty Campaign Photoshoot For the first time Dita Von Teese, the beauty icon with the unmistakable look, is presenting the secrets of her glamorous appearance in a timeless, classic make-up collection. Seduction, elegance, and a touch of mystery are her signatures.