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Greek Yoghurt – Packed with Good-for-Skin Proteins

Quercetin & Oak - Hydrates, Smoothes Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Pomegranate - Minimizes Pores and Makes Skin Glow

Why we love Korres

Skin care and makeup with natural ingredients and powerful extracts.

Korres Natural Products was born in Athens in 1996 out of Greece’s oldest homeopathic pharmacy, where founder George Korres worked. There, he developed a deep knowledge and love of ancient herbal remedies, and decided to share with the world! Today the line, which includes skin care and makeup, has become one of our favorites. The Korres mantra—“Nature is the ultimate provider”—says it all. Every product is packed with powerful natural extracts, like wild rose and pomegranate or food-grade healers like Greek yoghurt instead of mineral oils, parabens, and other chemical substances. Korres is kind to the environment, animals, and skin: the packaging incorporates recycled and recyclable materials, and the company runs its plant solely on hydroelectric power; none of the products are tested on animals; and everything is clinically tested for efficacy. The brand also sources the highest quality herbs and Greek flora from underdeveloped regions, helping to support local farmers in the process. With all of that plus beautifully designed packaging, what’s not to love? We can’t get enough of any of it, from the super emollient Mango Butter Lipsticks to the most luxurious Body Butters in decadent scents like Vanilla Guava and Basil Lemon.

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What is Quercetin, exactly?

We all have high expectations for our skin care. We want natural, gentle ingredients that are good for our skin, but we also want results. When it comes to anti-aging products, skin care formulators are always on the lookout for effective compounds that will fight wrinkles and signs of aging without damaging or dehydrating the skin. Enter quercetin (pronounced KWUR-SUH-tin).

As we welcomed Korres Natural Products to Beautylish Boutiques, we noticed the brand’s Quercetin & Oak line extended to both skin care and makeup, and decided to investigate and find out more about the ingredient.

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