Too Faced

Shadow Insurance Lemon Drop


Myrna P.

Of Course I had to try this after I purchased my first too faced products! I loooooove it. I think I have found a new obsession with Too Faced :)

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Lindsay C.
This a great base and it's cruelty-free!

I am always in search of great products that are made in an animal cruelty-free manner. Too Faced fits the bill on both fronts! This primer is a great base on it's own since it has shimmer. It prevents creasing on my lids even after 8 hours of wear. I have very oily lids too. Love it!

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Miranda S.

BEST shadow insurance!! makes your eyeshadow stay on the whole day!! it also doesnt leave creases in your eyeshadow. it looks great even if you dont add eye shadow !!!!!

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Carley B.

I absolutely love this product. Not only does it keep eye shadow on so well, but it looks awesome on alone as well with its shimmer. I highly recommend buying this! It's definitely worth every penny!

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Colin M.
Perfect for Theatre

I am a full on theatre kid, and this is the BEST shadow primer for theatre. I've tried several other primers, but this withstands the test of the stage lights, dance, and sweat. Absolutely fantastic.

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Julia A.

This product helps your shadow stay on ALL DAY!!!!!!! Even after gym ( sweaty and gross ) ITS STILL ON!!!!!! I seriously recommend buying this. BEST PRIMER EVER!!!! Once you have tried it once, you'll be addicted!!!!! It's affordable, yet SUPER high quality.

colleen c.

Once you've tried this there is no going back to putting on eyeshadow without it. Makes a beautiful base for your shadow to keep the original color true and helps it last without creasing (even for those of us with oily skin & lids).