Too Faced

Lip Injection Color Bomb!



The most powerful lip plumper I ever tried!

Too Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb is the most powerful lip plumper I ever tried! First time I tried this, it was fire on my lip and tingling sensation will last about good 10min. I have 3 shades, Never Enough Nude is the perfect peach nude color, Coral Pop is the most pretty coral summer lip color and EastWood Red is true red. I love all the colors and don't need much to show true color! In my opinion this is not a lip balm, this is more like colored lip injection. This can be dry out the lip so I apply lip balm first and Lip Injection Color Bomb on top. This is long lasting, definitely plump the lip and watch out when you kiss someone with this Color Bomb on, they will feel the tingling too.


This lip plumper gives a strong sting to your lips. I personally like the sting of most lip plumpers and it does plump then well. If you are someone who does not like the sting of lip plumpers you will not like this product.


I was in dire need of a new lipstick that not only would provide long lasting color, but also a plumping agent to give myself a cute, pink pout. When I discovered Too Face's Lip Injection Color Bomb, an angel had answered my puckered prayers. I started using it nearly every single day, and the results were flawless. My suggestion is to blot it onto your lips, rather than fully applying it as a lipstick. A little goes a very long way! The Coral Pop color is the perfect pink for my very fair skin. I hardly reapply this throughout the day. The tingling sensation it gives is very mild for me, but everyone's lip sensitivity is different so I can't say it will be the same for you. I've had this lipstick for a long time, and I'm still not finished with it! I'm going to try Eastwood Red next!

I'm not one to pass up a 2 in 1!

What can I say? I love these! I found Eastwood Red in TKMAXX for ?6 (GBP) and thought I might as well...and I'm so glad I did!
The colour payoff is fab, it's so red! And you get the lip injection, which I didn't actually know about until I put it on and my lips were tingling, that'd teach me to read the box! I love this so much, such a pretty shade and great pigmentation :)

Omg no

I just tried this product today... I thought some if the other reviewers might have been wimps about the tingling, but omg... This isn't tingling. It's full on pain. I even had a moment where I thought I was going to stop breathing from an allergic reaction. I nearly went for an EpiPen.
It did make my lips swell up, so I suppose that was the intention. The colour was nice, but the product looked smeared on. It did feel smooth going on, but it was patchy/splotchy looking on my dry lips.
Bottom line: I will never wear it again.

I love too faced but...

Okay, so you should know I adore everything from too faced. I've never been let down. And these lip crayons looked sooooo gorgeous. I walked into sephora and it was like Angels had called to me, I saw these things and almost died. I bought coral pop and basically ripped the box open when I got home like a child on Christmas morning. I put it on and thought "wow my lips look amazing!" Because truly the color payoff was fantastic and thy were so hydrating it was like a dream. And then my lips started to tingle so I thought it must just be the plumping effect! Which I need since I have very small lips. The tingling then advanced to a stinging. Which felt like a bee stinging my lips 10x per second. I instantly wiped it off and put on my trusty old buxom gloss. While the color payoff was great and so was the formulation, this hurt so badly and I can't imagine putting this on everyday!

not the best for me

This probably doesn't happen to everyone, but when I tried this it made my lips very irritated. It left a ring of red around my lips that burned and lasted for quite a while. Also, it isn't very true to color- I tried it in the shade candy burst, and it turned out to be more of a bright pink color instead of a light pink shade like it was described. All in all, this isn't the greatest product for me, but I recommend trying it out at a place like Sephora before you rule it out because it doesn't irritate everyone's lips, and when it doesn't it looks gorgeous!

I bought this because I loved the color and the fact that it was a plumper as well. I don't know if it was just me, but I had a awful reaction to this product. I'm aware that oftentimes plumpers irritate the skin to make it look fuller, but I had a full blown red ring of horror surrounding my lips for a week after using this. It was a nightmare.

Would buy if I ran out

I have very small lips I apply this and o my goodness I have med size lips I do this and a lip liner and gloss and I have lips my hubby said it's made my lips softer I have it in bee sting it does hurt but not bad I've used worse

Would buy if I ran out

I have very small lips I apply this and o my goodness I have med size lips I do this and a lip liner and gloss and I have lips my hubby said it's made my lips softer I have it in bee sting it does hurt but not bad I've used worse