Too Faced

Better Than Sex Mascara


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Who needs fake lashes?

See that picture? Everyone thinks I'm wearing falsies but in fact they're ALLLLLLL mine! It goes on amazingly, lasts all day and is so deep dark and with a little help of a smokey eye makes this mascara pop! Even without any eyeshadow, it's amazing. Too faced, please never ever stop making this!!!!

shoddy design

I was super psyched about this mascara because I'd heard pretty good reviews, and I did get to use it once, but I can't get an opinion on a product after one use, and though this might be the world's best mascara, it might even be actually better than sex, but who knows - because the packaging is so insanely cheap that it breaks before I could find out! The second time I went to use the mascara, the internal stopper must have broken because all I got was a giant clump of mascara stuck all around the brush. No product, no matter how cheap or expensive it is, should be rendered totally unusable by crap packaging after just one use. It's totally inexcusable.

In love

My bf gets mad when I say that this actually IS better than sex for a MUA or MUL !!! It doesn't let you down in terms of volumizing and sexi-fying your lashes and doesn't clump or flake. Had this for a few weeks and have yet to notice any drying out in the tube as you do with some cheaper brands. Great buy, will repurchase.


I love this stuff-I don't have problems with clumping and haven't needed to wear false lashes since I started using it. I don't know about better than sex....but it's pretty damn awesome! I usually put on one coat, then wait a few minutes for it to dry then put on another one and BAM!

i expected so much more

i'm always on the quest for new products...even when i already have products that work PERFECTLY -_- .... my go-to mascara for the past 2 yrs has been benefit's they're real (which is fantastic....just a pain to get off)...but i saw allllllll this hype about too faced bts mascara and decided to try it.... it was a BIG disappointment. first of all the product LOOKED clumpy on the brush and was difficult to distribute on my lashes. it took alot of work to get it on nicely and it totally transferred onto my eyelids. i don't know how i would have managed had i been wearing eyeshadows. anyways i manoeuvred and wore it a few times and i must say it gave me niiiiiiiice volume and good length..HOWEVER....after having this product for only TWO WEEKS, I WENT TO OPEN IT THIS MORNING AND REALISED ALLLLLL OF THE PRODUCT DRIED ONTO THE BRUSH....literally the tube was light as a feather wen i took out the brush (bcaws all the product was on the brush).... sooooo disappointed. for over $20, this mascara should have been more user friendly and should NOT have dried up and rendered unusable in 2 weeks :-/

I love this mascara! It does everything it claims. The only problem I have is that it tends to get flakey on me sometimes. Other than that, I love this product.


Oh my lorddddd. This mascara... It's freaking unexplainable.i use this every day, it stays on and works incredibly. NOTE: this is for my fellow volume-lovers. If you want natural definition, try something else- this is not for you! 😂 when I got it my mom made me tape over the "sex" on the tube...


I am in love with this mascara! I am picky with mascaras but this one is amazing I love that it makes my lashes look so full but i have to be careful because if I use more than two coats it makes my lashes look clunky so I use the they're real mascara by benefit for length and my lashes look amazing


I love any types of mascara that won't clump, & will give me volume & length. Being Asian I definitely have short lashes that just go straight down, but with Better Than Sex, they stay right up and they look exactly like you've put falsies on.

Really great for thick lashes

I have really thick eyelashes, and Iv never been able to find a mascara like this! It hugs every lash and lifts. Last all day too! Great for going out or preforming