Too Faced

Better Than Sex Mascara


Michelle S.
Who needs fake lashes?
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See that picture?

Everyone thinks I'm wearing falsies but in fact they're ALLLLLLL mine!

It goes on amazingly, lasts all day and is so deep dark and with a little help of a smokey eye makes this mascara pop!

Even without any eyeshadow, it's amazing. Too faced, please never ever stop making this!!!!

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Ayanna S.

Honestly it's okay. For 30$ it's not worth it. It dries up really fast and isn't worth the hype. It does do the job but I think 30$ for a mascara is ridiculous.

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Alexis R.
shoddy design

I was super psyched about this mascara because I'd heard pretty good reviews, and I did get to use it once, but I can't get an opinion on a product after one use, and though this might be the world's best mascara, it might even be actually better than sex, but who knows - because the packaging is so insanely cheap that it breaks before I could find out!

The second time I went to use the mascara, the internal stopper must have broken because all I got was a giant clump of mascara stuck all around the brush.

No product, no matter how cheap or expensive it is, should be rendered totally unusable by crap packaging after just one use. It's totally inexcusable.

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Jessica T.
Best Mascara of LIFE

Worth the money! Length and volume all in one. Definitely not a "natural look" mascara - it will give you bold lashes that almost look like falsies. Can get a little clumpy if your not careful, but that adds to the drama :P

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Brittany W.
Goodbye Falsies!!
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Absolutely loved it! No need to put on False lashes when I can have this Too Faced mascara! Extends and separates my lashes by its unique brush shape and only one layer of it does the charm! 😊 I highly recommend this product to everyone

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Megan H.
Yes yes yes!

This mascara is AMAZING! I have the shortest, straightest lashes, but after using my curler and a couple coats of my Better than Sex mascara, my lashes are long and voluminous. I was afraid of clumping with this thick brush, but I have no problems. It also lasts throughout the day for me. Great job Too Faced! I will buy this again and again!

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Delee N.
Awesome mascara

Gave me full and long lashes, without any clumpiness. Stacks up to the best among its price range, and even in price ranges above it. It was great for a dramatic cat eye look.

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Karla H.
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My all time favorite mascara! Doesn't flake. Doesn't clump. Adds great length and volume. I added a picture with me wearing the mascara, all real lashes. No need for fake lashes!

I would highly recommend this mascara. Pricey. But worth it.

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Kayla  D.
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This mascara is the best mascara I have ever used. It doesn't smudge, it's the most intense black, it thickens without clumping, and it lengthens.

However, that's just how it works for me. I have heard that this product smudges a lot by quite a few people. It doesn't for me, but I don't sweat or get extremely oily during the day either. So it may be because of that. It is a dryer mascara but I personally like that about it so it's all about personal preference. The comment below about crap packaging must have been for just that particular tube because the packaging I get is fantastic. It's sturdy and sleek and the brush has never bent or gone weirdly out of shape and I've used about six tubes of this since discovering it. It lasts me about 2 months using three coats everyday, but I imagine for those who only use one coat it would last a lot longer. It's on the pricier side but I haven't been able to find a cheaper one that I like a lot better so I think it's worth it for how well it works for me.

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Alexandra F.
Seriously BETTER THAN SEX!!!

There are no words for how amazing this mascara is! Even if you already have nice long lashes, this mascara gives a blacker than black look with amazing volume!!! The hourglass shape of the wand gives a good coat to all lashes. Even those that are hard to reach. Ladies!, mascara isn't always about the formula (which I love too) it's also about the wand

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