Too Faced

Air-Buffed BB Creme Complete Coverage Makeup



Great product for quick, light coverage.

I really enjoy this product now that I know what brush to use with it. Don't get me wrong, the one that came with the cream is super cute, but I found it too small to be truly effective. As long as you use a very dense brush (I use the Deluxe Round Buffer from Morphe Brushes) it works great. I get light coverage that is really good for work, nothing cakey in the least, and it lasts a long time on my combo/oily skin. I also tend to be a bit sensitive but have had no adverse reactions to the product yet and it's been a few weeks since I've been using it. I have a first impressions video with this product on my channel if you want to check it out as well!

best 39$ i ever spent!!!

im not one to wear heavy foundation every day i like a lite sheer natural coverage but let me start by saying the coverage is phenomenal. gives such a good amount of coverage i don't even want to wear regular foundation anymore. its also a very matte finish and will last all day long. it also came with a cute little retractable kabuki brush. for those of you who don't like that much coverage you can try there bb tinted moisturizer. which i also happen to love. but its more sheer and dewy looking compared to their new air buffed bb . overall i love them both !!! a must buy for natural looking skin on a day to day bases.

Wonderful BB

I've always wondered about BB creams and after reading how many people liked this product and putting a little on my wrist to try it (I do this to see how heavy a product is as my wrist is much like my face in this department) I was hooked. I almost thought Ulta didn't have my shade, which I was going to be very upset about, but I found the last one and eagerly bought it. I love that it's so light weight, will make for perfect summer wear, it hasn't smudged, it doesn't come off on my phone. It covers most all flaws, of course for my zits that like to turn red I still put a small dab of concealer on it, but it covers them up and pretty much eliminates all redness. I love how smooth it feels on my face as well. Overall, in love with this product. I'm also going to see how it works with Too Faced's regular Beauty Balm!

It's good

I think this is a good product it does what it says it does,But I don't recommend using this with primer as it will slide off because it already has what's needed for your skin and no matter what this does not work well with primed and Poreless primer either, that will separate instantly just like the rest of the primers when using with BB cream.

So lightweight!

I've recently become obsessed with BB creams, and this one is great! I ordered it online from Sephora, and I'm hooked! I hate heavy cream, foundation, etc., and this one is the exact opposite. It's so lightweight, it's like it's barely there. I use it all the time now. It does exactly what its supposed to do. It gets rid of my blemishes, and offers great coverage. I don't even have to use primer with it (I almost always have to with other products, regardless of it's "primer" claims).

Love It

I dont Wear Make-up much But When I do I Have to Wear Air-Brushed BB Cream. If You get this product you might need to Go to Ulta And Have them Match your skin Tips!!!! Thats what I did and i look Great in my own option!!!!


Not a bad purchase. I actually hoped it had better coverage. All the reviews I saw were pretty decent so I went ahead and got it. I don't personally care for the brush that comes with it. Could've been softer and maybe flat. I feel like it is a little heavy.

Handy helper

*one less thing to carry. *super cute packaging. *medium to build able coverage. *Also it give you a semi matte completion. *suitable for all skin types. *Everything from too faced it really good and they have totally outdone themselves with this powder.


I adore the feel , coverage and light weight of this product . My skin felt smooth not chalky and it brightened my tone. The little foundation brush that comes with it is so wonderful and and cute !

LOVE it!

I love this product! Easy to use and great coverage! But it has a very limited variety of shades which means I can only use it in the winter. If they had more variety it would def get 5stars