Too Faced

Absolutely Invisible Candlelight




By far the best illuminator without fully being an illuminator!! The reason why Jerrod and Jeremy (the creative minds or too faced) created this product was because they went to a candlelight dinner they noticed how beautiful everyone looks with a candle lit in front of everyone. They decided to make a product that anyone can get a candle lit glow everywhere they go; thus the absolutely invisible candlelight was born!! This product has an amazing story behind it and I recommend it to anyone!! If you want an illuminator without the greasy finish, this is your go to item!!


I was a little hesitant about this product when I first saw it, as past experience has shown these products that create a"inner glow" never work for me. In this case though, I'm glad I followed my gut! What I like about it is that it does not sit on my skin making it obvious that I am wearing it, I dust a little on the apples of my cheeks and a bit on my forehead and it looks great! It is perfect for those days when you need a perk up from lack of sleep to look more awake, or when you are going out for the night on the town. It is very universal :) I hope you found this helpful, good luck!


Great highlighter! This is exactly what I was looking for when I first picked up this product. I apply this over my bronzer which tones it down a little bit and leaves my skin with a nice glow. I apply this with a large, looser brush and lightly dust it on my cheeks. Great product, I love using this on my brides as well especially if they have an outdoor wedding. (:


they hit the nail on the head here! its exactly what it says. so subtle but really is like a wash of candlelight on your skin. perfect for your translucent/setting powder. you can't notice the sparkle on the skin, just in the container, so its perfect for those who like the natural-ish look, but its also perfect for those of us [like me!!] who like dramatic looks. and its made with real gold. diva's best friend!


I use this more leads to create a natural look umm I'll see this as a highlighter is very soft in the color I use it with the natural eye palette from too faced as well I love it and I do recommend it for a lot of people it doesn't quite work with all skin tones but is a very good highlighter.


This product is WONDERFUL and worth every penny. The glow it gives is perfect and actually like candlelight. It's impossible to put too much on and it goes great with all bronzers and blushes. I really think it adds something special to every look.


I went into ulta and asked for a good highlighter. This is what they gave me. When I got it home and use it there was literally nothing in my skin except for huge chunks of glitter

Absolutely breath taking!

I feel this product is absolutely breath taking because after you finish applying your makeup you apply the Absolutely Invisible Candlelight high light with a brush above the cheeks, the forehead and cupids bow and it just gives your face a gorgeous shine that makes your skin glow which makes you look absolutely breath taking to your date! :)


I didn't think it had enough of an effect on me to warrant the price. It was really, really pretty whenever I tested it on my hand or something but when I put it on my face it just disappeared.


Definitely not what I was looking for. &I was looking for a highlight. This shows up as a off white powder on my skin. Kind of strange looking. It doesn't do anything for me at all. Just another powder with the tiniest bit of shimmer. TINIEST. Can't even see it. Not for me.. However.. it's a nice compact mirror to throw in my beach bag.. +1?