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Terri S.

I love this stuff! It is SERIOUSLY the BEST thing to use when applying glitter. Let's break down the facts of cosmetic glitter shall we?! 1) Fall out is CRAZY 2) It's difficult to remove 3) It leaves traces everywhere..... Welp, none of those are a problem if you use this Lit Kit. The sugar liquid is amazing and grabs the glitter and does not fall onto your face. If you want to apply color all over your lid or just a glitter liner, you can do that with this kit. It's wonderful. I used to use eyelash glue and boy was that a pain in the bum scrubbing my eyes to remove! This truly does make your glitter stay, and it is SO easy to remove. No scrubbing and rubbing those eyes! I have raved about Lit Glitter on my facebook page and everybody just loves it!

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Dawn N.
Works good!

I have never used an adhesive w/ glitter and this works great! I didnt care for the little brush, but it was free with my purchase of three colors. The little pink buffer thing works great! I was surprise.

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Roxanne RocknRoll X.
I'm in love with Lit cosmetics, best glitter out there

I love it! best glitter i've tried, is super soft, and it feels like a regular loose pigment. The glue base is amazing, it doest have alcohol or parabens, Your makeup will look like 10000 times better, i truly recommend it.

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Cindy C.
Great Product!

I got the kit free with the purchase of three Lit glitters from Beautylish. I'm in love with all of it! The kit is awesome, and I would recommend buying it on it's own. Beautylish was quick to get it to me and it all came in adorable packaging! Also, I would strongly recommend ordering from Beautylish if you haven't already!

The Clearly Liquid Glitter Base is lightly scented, which I didn't see mentioned in the description so it came as a surprise, but it's not bad. It has a soapy, clean smell. You only have to use a little bit. When I was initially testing it out I used way too much and It got rather cakey. So a little goes a long way!

The brush is a good size. It covers about 3mm (give or take) in one stroke. I used it to do a thick lash-line and it worked really well, but I found myself reaching for a finer brush for my bottom line. All in all though a handy tool.

The Spark-L Duster is really neat. It is a piece of soft cotton with mesh wrapped around it. A bit scratchy, but useful, not to mention it's really cute! (always a plus right?) I wouldn't buy it on it's own though. It seems to easy (cheap too) to just make one yourself , which I intend to do once this one has seen it's day. Like I said before though, it is very useful.

Of all the kit, the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base is the only item I will be purchasing again, but I am not dissatisfied with this product.

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Crystal D.
Great value, especially with the promotion currently offered

The kit itself is cute, packaged in in the little takeout container, completely with a sparkly crystal on top.

I know that through Lit, you can get some larger bottles of adhesive with the glitter stack options, honestly I am not sure I'd rather a larger bottle. The biggest complaint people have with the adhesive (myself include) is the way it is dispensed. A dropper would be uber helpful. The best way to use this product is by dipping the brush into the bottle and then into the glitter. The flaw is that the bottle will eventually become contaminated. I think I have a much better chance of using up all of the product in the small bottle before it gets too contaminated that I would if I had a large bottle. It really takes very little product to do the job. And let me tell you, it definitely does the job! Makeup Forever also has an adhesive for glitter that also holds quite well, I prefer Lit's however as it is much easier on the skin with removal. The little glitter remover is cute and does the job. I won't use the tiny brush however. All in all it is a good little package.

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Cristina LTHP F.
Great little set!

I got this after I placed an order for Three Lit glitters. I love the packaging. The sparkle duster is plain genious! The little brush is pretty small and is best fr adding sparkle to small areas or small details but it works well. The glitter base is FANTASTIC, however, I do wish that I could get my hands on a larger quantity of the product. That said, it does not take a lot of product to hold the glitter in place so I think the tiny glitter base should go a long way. I was intimidated by glitter, using the Lit Kit took all the guess work out of the application!

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Alexa B.
This is glitter kit is amazing!

I am not a big fan of glittery eye make up but this is most definitely an acception! There is no glittery mess and it stays in place all day, it is absolutely perfect and I think everyone who comes across this should try it out.

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Kim C.
This adhesive holds like a boss!

It goes on smooth and holds all day. This comes off easy with makeup remover. Must have to keep your LIT glitter on. Its lightweight and not too sticky. You can even put it on over eyeshadow and it doesn't take your shadow off. Also the pink poof is good for getting all that access glitter off your cheeks.....not that you would want to.;)

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Tirzah C.
Base great, duster not so much

Okay first complaint I have is that the packaging states that this comes with the base, brush and lit glitter although it doesn't come with the "bonus" glitter it comes with that puff thing that doesn't even work. The base works wonderfully.

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Rebekah H.
Not necessary

The lit kit doesn't seem necessary to me and the little ball that came with the kit doesn't remove the glitter under my eye really. I have other ways of applying glitter that works best for me. This kit, however, is useful for carrying around, because it is small and the product isn't bad. The only thing that didn't really work for me is the ball. I got this kit for free with a purchase of three glitters. If you have trouble applying glitter this kit could be for you =)

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