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No Lasers

I saw this tube at the Inglot counter and got this color on an impulse buy. Frickin' LASERS on my lips! Sounds like the perfect party gloss to have in my clutch. On my lips I didn't get frickin' LASERS like I wanted. They were, shall we say, slight hints of lasers? My lighting did show a tiny bit of the hologram effect, but it wasn't the intensity found in the tube. Boo, no lasers. Eventually I decided to keep this gloss. The formula is juicy and doesn't suck out moisture. My lips feel full and juicy without looking lacquered. Still kissable. The sunlight would sometimes show off a faint hologram or rainbow. C'mon Inglot. I want frickin' LASERS.

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Very Psychedelic

I don't know why I waited so long to try one of these glosses out. Even though I buy a lot of lipstick, you'll rarely see me wearing one.... Strange?Yes; however, I really am more of a lip gloss kind of girl. I adore the texture; it isn't sticky or gooey like a lot of glosses are; these have just the right amount of glide and and texture. They feel very light on the lips but not oily, and they have pretty decent staying power. I also like the fact that they have a very fruity kind of smell and taste to them. The whole premise behind these glosses? Each gloss has a mixture of liquid crystal that reacts either to the skin color or lip color underneath; thereby creating a 3D effect. They look lovely on their own; however, they really shine when applied over lipstick because that is where you can really see the dimension capability these glosses give the lips. I will definitely be purchasing more of these glosses. Why the 1/2 star reduction? Well, I had the gloss clenched in one hand while I was leaning over to pick some stuff up off the ground and this gloss slipped out of my hand and hit the ground; It maybe took a 1 1/2 to 2 foot drop to the ground. Not a very long drop at all. I didn't think anything of it, and picked the gloss back up. Then I noticed the gloss was leaking form the top right side right underneath where the applicator twists back into the tube. Not good..... Upon closer inspection, the entire top of the tube was broken all the way around. There was no way I could close the tube back up. I went upstairs to my studio and emptied the contents of the tube into an empty storage jar; no big deal, crisis averted. :) I guess I am just a tad shocked as to how easy these gloss tubes break. So make sure you are extra careful when handling them. ;)


Working at Inglot, I spent so much time trying to convince clients, that these glosses are not as scary as they look. In package they look weir. Some of them look like oil. But when you put them on your lips, they add gorgeous shine and make the color even more vibrant.

Very good quality

It lasts and stay on your lips for ages and doesn't tend to smudge ! It just looks soooo vibrant! Hhjbbhbmmnnnnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Gorgeous in the tube but not noticeable enough.

I have 2 of these. #546 (white) & #544 (a bright pinkish coral). They both have a GORGEOUS multicolor holographic effect that is the tube. But when I apply it it's barely noticeable on my lips. But with that said it does give my lips a plumper effect. It feels nice, not at all sticky & has a pleasant fruity smell. I just wish that how it looked in the tube was how it looked on my lips. But not a bad gloss.

So Different!

This lip gloss is so different! The iridescent blue sparkle in it takes it to the next dimension! I like it alone when I want a more fun look, and wear it over colors to make the lipsticks pop. I love the formula as well. It's hydrating without stickiness and wears an hour or two for me.


Love the creamy feel. The color is extraordinary. Reflects the light and gives you an individual feeling. I wore it alone and it was great. Looking forward to experimenting!

Love !!!

I love this gloss! You have to put on a lot for the color to really show but it's so pretty especially in the sun! Not to mention my lips feel hydrated.

I bought this lip slick in shadw 541 and I LOVE it! it is so beautiful by its self or over a lipstick. It has a blue color and has sweet taste and I am so happy with this product that I will Never be without it and I will be buying more colors.

Super fun!!

I love this gloss, and the shade. This is one of the first Inglot products that I've tried. The color looks great on my fair skin. It's sheer with a hint of color. I also like the consistency of the gloss; non-sticky and feels silky on my lips.