Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat


I Love This!!!

I love this product! I've been using it nearly everyday for 2 weeks, and it works great!I love the consistency of the product. One thing it does do, however is clump your lashes up a little bit, so you have to be careful when applying.

Love this!

I love this top coat! It is water proof and totally wonderful! You can use it on your brows or on top of an mascara! It is a must for summer and those days at the beach!


This is amazing. I just used this yesterday. I went swimming all day and nothing ran down my eyes. I never looked like a raccoon or a panda. I'm going to need to stock up this summer. It's gonna be a staple in my everyday looks.


Little if any smell. Glides on- not sure how long it will last- but it does a great job as a waterproof topcoat. Will buy again

Totally waterproof! It's completely clear and undetectable except for a glossy effect which I personally like. And the brush has a nice shape to it so it doesn't cause clumping or anything like that. This is perfect for the upcoming summer ;)