Brow Powder Duo



Reni V.
Amazing for heatwave brows

I've been an Anastasia convert for years now. The last few weeks have seen temperatures in the high 90s with about a billion percent humidity, which means that even with primers and setting sprays my brows disappear by noon. In looking for hot weather alternatives, I found a sale kit which included brow powder, clear brow gel, and the most amazing double-tipped eyebrow brush.

If you're not used to working with eyebrow powder, I would recommend starting here. The color saturation is dark enough to be dramatic while still looking realistic. The dark brown kit contains a dark brown powder as well as a dark ash blonde one making it suitable for a wide range of skin and hair color combinations. The angled brow brush is on the small side which is a benefit for detailed brow work. It's stiff enough to use for creating the thinnest brows while soft enough to avoid scratching. The other end of the brush has a traditional brow grooming tool. The included brow gel acts as an additional step to set the brow powder. It was easy to use, though I found myself wishing the applicator was a little smaller. Added bonus: the compact has a tiny mirror for touch-ups (though I didn't find I needed to do any).

While I'll still experiment to find the perfect products at every price point, this is definitely going to become a staple for both my personal and professional makeup kits.

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Kassie K.
Great Color Range!

These are perfect! They have a huge color range so everybody is bound to find something. They are long lasting and very pigmented. The lighter shade is used to fill in the front of the brow and the darker shade is used to fill in the back. Both shades blend together flawlessly to create a multi-dimensional brow.

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Leanna G.
Lasts forever

I dye my hair jet black and it's hard to find an eyebrow powder to match. Black would look unnatural, but most dark browns have too much red in them. The Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Ebony is the closest I've come to perfection. I only use the darker of the two shades and it provides buildable colour that looks natural and lasts until I take it off. I bought mine a year and a half ago and am not even close to hitting pan yet--definitely a good investment!

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Piper O.

Works well with my color, i use a thin brush and use quick stroke to draw hairs. It looks very natural and very good, the two colors blend together and you can shape your eyebrow however you please using this powder. It looks very even, and works very professionally. I will be ordering this product again when i run out.

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Clover H.
Flawless Formula

I just purchased this product after using drug store powder duos...didn't like the formula of them. The *Anastasia brow powder duo is sooo compacted & opaque which makes it a great product. You can mix the two shades or create a gradient effect on ur brows. I still need a pencil to line my brows...I will be trying the brow wiz next. <3

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Veronica M.

Love love love it! This gives a more natural look then the Anastasia pencil which I also own and love. It's best to use the light powder in the front of your brows and the darker color towards the end of your brows. Highly recommend, I don't use anything but Anastasia.

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Alli Rose G.
The Best For Reds

My grandma got this for my birthday this year. It's one of those things I've been battling to buy because it's such a simple product with a pricey ticket attached. BUT it solved a big part of my makeup insecurities! I dye my hair red, but I believe myself to be a redhead at heart. This works amazingly to match my hair. No matter what hue it is. The product glides on with my angled brushes. I do need my brush to be wet in order to have the product turn up nice and opaque. If everything else melts off my face, then I sleep in it, my brows will still look perfect without any brow gel. I won't be buying any other brow product ever again.

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Amanda K.
Mistake proof

I have been filling in my brows for as long as i can remember (i have always dyed my hair darker) and never like the hard look of pencils, and always hated brow powder that was too lose. I would get more on my cheeks than my brows. But this is my new favorite it's highly pigmented formula guarentees you do not need alot on your brush to get your desired effect. It goes a long way for the price and since it comes with two colors its highly customizable, i'll be using this untill they get rid of it (which hopefully is never)

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Melanie M.

I used to use the MAC brow duo until it was discontinued. This duo from Anastasia was the next best thing! LOVE IT! The powder works perfectly with my skin and hair color.

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Rachael Y.
So Great!

I have blonde eyebrows and you can barely see them when I dont have anything on them. I dont like to use pencils. I was introduced to this one time when i was at Sephora from one of the girls that works there. I was skeptical but I tried it anyway. I <3 it!!! It lasts all day and it really makes a difference with my makeup. When you have blonde eyebrows and you dont do anything about it your eyes just disappear. I use this all the time. I now get my eyebrows tinted and I use this on top of that. But this is the "filler" I use especially when I am in between eyebrow tints. It is pricey, but worth every penny!!!

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