Tata Harper

Jet Set Survival Kit

This travel-sized set contains all of the essentials for the modern-day traveler to beat the airport blues and arrive looking and feeling her very best.

Stay calm and collected through ticket lines, airport security and flight delays with our soothing Aromatic Irritability Treatment, while keeping your skin hydrated and fresh despite recirculated, dry airplane air with our Hydrating Floral Essence. Provide your skin with a final layer of essential nutrition and environmental protection with our Replenishing Nutrient Complex for a radiant, healthy complexion.

This set contains:

Aromatic Irritability Treatment (1 ml)

Hydrating Floral Essence (8 ml)

Replenishing Nutrient Complex (3 ml)


1: Before braving airport madness, apply one drop of the Aromatic Irritability Treatment to the soles of your feet to instantly experience aromatherapy benefits.

2: Once in the airport, apply Aromatic Irritability Treatment to pulse points inside wrists, on temples and on each side of the neck. For immediate results, apply liberally to palms, rub hands together and inhale deeply from palms a minimum of 5 deep breaths. Use as often as you wish for continued relaxation!

3: Once on the plane, spray the Hydrating Floral Essence 4-5 times over entire face and neck to instantly boost your natural Hyaluronic Acid production to maintain moisture levels.

4:Lock in moisture and provide your skin with a final layer of environmental protection with the replenishing Nutrient Complex. Apply a thin layer over your entire face and neck. Spread it by lightly massaging it in circular motions.

5: You've arrived! Spray the Hydrating Floral Essence over your entire face and neck to give it a final boost of hydration and brighten the complexion.