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The Fundamental Brush Set by Sonia G.

Makeup lovers of all skill levels deserve fun, effortless makeup application. Meticulously designed by blogger and self-taught brush expert Sonia G., this highly edited collection of handcrafted tools does the work for you, making your application ritual something you look forward to every day.

Inspired by a passion for makeup brushes

Since starting her blog, Sweet Makeup Temptations, in 2012, Sonia G. has cultivated a passion for brush craftsmanship. With a personal collection of over 2,000 brushes, she’s tried tools of all shapes and sizes and knows what works. She created her brushes to bring joy to the experience of applying makeup—from the shape of the handles, to the feel of the bristles on your skin, to the flawless, perfectly blended results you’ll see in the mirror.

“My dream is to stimulate creativity, to break the routine… Those minutes we have in the morning for ourselves, I want to make them count.”

– Sonia G.

Expertly crafted with every detail considered

  • Handbound by master craftsmen in Japan

  • Plush natural bristles for control and precision

  • Durable and dense maple wood handle

  • Four layers of pigment and lacquer add a rich, dimensional finish

The Fundamental Brush Set

Pencil One

“My goal was to create a pencil brush that would be precise and powerful without compromising softness. Use the tip for precise placement or hold it at an angle to soften and diffuse edges.”

Brush Hair: Saikoho Goat


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Crease One

“I wanted to design a crease brush that would target intensity where I need it. It's pointy, but the sides and tip are dense, so it does a great job at depositing and blending pigment.”

Brush Hair: Saikoho Goat


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Builder One

“This is the brush of my dreams—I love shimmers and metallics but only when I can control the placement and application. The shape works magic with difficult textures.”

Brush Hair: Dyed Saikoho Goat


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Worker One

“I know how hard it is to find the perfect blending brush. I designed this brush to my exact specifications—it has perfect grip and control, so it never over-blends.”

Brush Hair: Dyed Saikoho Goat


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Base One

“This brush’s shape and density works beautifully with liquids and creams. It’s strong, easy to clean, and quick-drying but also airy enough to blend blush, bronzer, and highlighter.”

Brush Hair: Sokoho Goat Hair & Nylon


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Face Two

“I believe in smaller face brushes—this one is super-soft and dense yet airy enough to be used for both sheer and heavily pigmented payoff.”

Brush Hair: Saikoho Goat


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Sculpt One

“I wanted a fan brush that not only looks and feels good but performs well. The dense hakutotsuho goat bristles allow the brush to splay out while staying thick and soft.”

Brush Hair: Hakutotsuho Goat


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Sculpt Three

“This brush was designed for highlighter, but it’s also a secret weapon against patchy, harsh bronzer and blush. It picks up a generous amount of product and works with control.”

Brush Hair: Dyed Saikoho goat


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“I wanted something different… to create brushes that were not only beautiful to look at but super efficient. It’s not only about the results but the whole experience.”

– Sonia G.

The Fundamental Brush Set by Sonia G.

Turn your makeup application ritual into something you look forward to every day. Designed by a brush expert for ease of use and efficiency, this artisan-crafted brush set from Sonia G. features optimized shapes and plush, silky bristles for a full face of makeup.


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