The Best Brush For The Job


Ever wonder which brushes are best for your foundation, concealer, powder, and lipstick? Last week we spoke with celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles about choosing the right makeup brushes, whether you should spend a fortune on a new set, and how long your brushes should last. This week, we find out which brushes are best for all of your makeup products, and get special tips on using them.

Blush: MAC Duo Fiber #187 Brush & Tom Ford Cheek Brush

"Generally, I like to apply blush to the apples of the cheeks,” says Fiona. “If you have high cheekbones, apply the blush farther out and concentrate more on your cheekbones. I like the MAC brush for cream blush, and the Tom Ford for powder.

Bronzer: EcoTools Kabuki Bronzer Brush

"This little brush is so cute and super soft, and it's great for creating a natural glow with bronzer,” raves Fiona. “Always apply bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face, and avoid those that are sparkly. They look good only on your cheeks, not all over your face."

Eye Shadow: MAC #217 Brush

"This brush is perfect for applying and blending color,” says Fiona. “I love the soft domed shape, which makes blending a breeze!"

Concealer: Face Stockholm #15 Brush

"This is the only brand that makes a brush this size and shape. The brush has a very thin profile, so you can easily get just the right amount of concealer where you want it,” explains Fiona. “For pimples I like to be able to feather out the product, and this brush lets me do that perfectly."

Lipstick: Japonesque Pro Eye Detailer Brush

"These are meant for the eyes, but I love to use them for lipstick, especially when you want a sharp line for a bright or bold color,” says Fiona. “These brushes come in ideal sizes (I like the small and medium for lips), and have the perfect stiffness."

  Fiona Stiles is a Los Angeles-based celebrity makeup artist who has been in the biz for more than 10 years. She has painted the faces of Hollywood stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Eva Mendes, Kristen Stewart, and Halle Berry, worked on numerous magazine shoots and covers, and is world renowned for her impeccable work. Follow her on Twitter @fionastiles for exciting beauty tips and tricks.

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