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Great volume mascara!

I have used this mascara a few times and I've noticed that my lashes have gotten so much more fuller and more volumized. I really think this is one of the best high end mascaras I've used in awhile.

Great primer!

I feel like this is one of the best primers I've used so far I tried a sample and love it! It makes my face so flawless and so matte all day long! Thumbs up for sure!

Love it!

I've been using this for awhile now and I really love the way that it just glides onto my waterline or the top of my eye lid for a really nice winged out eye look. Not to mention how creamy and smooth it goes onto my eye! Love it and will repurchase again.

Love it!

I have bad to the bronze and I love it! The pigmentation is amazing it has such great formula when applying it to your eye lids. I will be purchasing all of the colors cause I like them that much!


Great creamy lipstick I wish there were a lot of lipsticks out there like this. It feels more like your putting on Chapstick but with a little color I absolutely love it!

Love it!!

I love this lipstick I think it has an amazing formula to the lips it's so creamy and goes on so well. I love most of these colors and have to go back to purchase some more!

My favorite!

I've gone through so many of these primers cause it's just that good and info through them fast. They are very affordable and I love that! So glad that I found a really good eye lid primer that works amazing!

Love it!

I love this duo blush and bronzer it has such great pigmentation and it goes on really well. I will have to repurchase soon cause I really like it that much!

Good brush!

I really love using this brush for putting liquid foundation and setting my powder afterwards. It works very well for that and it blends in really well. The only thing I don't like is that the brushes break very easily and I have two that are broken already. That's the only downfall for it but other than that I think it works pretty good for applying foundation to the face.


This is such a wonderful concealer I love using this for under my eyes and it gives such great coverage. I will be repurchasing this concealer again amount a lot of other hard candy items.

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