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May 23, 2013

Evelyn R.

I swea are this sounds just like what has happened to my skin the last month (complete with photos just like my breakouts). I'm so thankful you posted this. I'll be giving mine a break and then go back to the sensitive head. Thank you thank you!

Apr 07, 2013

Alexandra T.

Good to hear that someone else has faced probs with the mighty clarisonic, the shop assistant made me feel like an alien in this respect, as if I was the only girl in the planet who was dissatisfied with it. I noticed that I started having varicose veins around my nostrils that weren't there before and I immediately returned it- thank God Space NK compensated me for that!

Feb 06, 2013

Miyuki R.

I wonder if the brush you purchased was unsanitary?...This is so strange to me, I use the deep pore brush twice a day...and ive never had this. I really wonder what the problem is?

Jun 22, 2012

Jillie C.

Hi! So, I don't know if people have responded to you on youtube, but from what I was trained about with the Clarisonic, the deep pore brush is intended for use no more than a few times a week. The deep pore brush is really intense, even though the bristles feel the same, a lot of people experience a reaction with it if they use it consistently. The whole brush head line is a little misleading, the sensitive brush is actually for normal skin, the normal brush is really for more intense cleaning, so on and so forth. I hope your skin is clearing up and feeling better! I just wasn't sure if wherever you purchased the brush head if someone didn't describe it to you that way, or misled you!