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Easy Up-Do for Naturally Curly Hair

  • Added Feb 25, 2012

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Feb 09, 2013

Vanessa J.

I love your videos! please make more tutorials for naturally curly hair! since I've stopped straightening my hair for a long time because I prefer it naturally curly now, I've been trying to find easy updo's that still look nice and your videos are amazing! :)

Jul 16, 2012

Megan M.

If that's your natural hair I hate you. It's so so pretty.

Jul 12, 2012

Lauren S.

This looks lovely :) I can't wait to try it, although my hair is shorter, curlier, and a lot less manageable than yours!
And yes, please do post more styles and tips for naturally curly hair. I hate having my hair blow dried, and I love my curls, but I usually don't know what to do with them beyond the most basic styles. Your tutorials are excellent, so well produced so I keep looking for more that I can use.

Mar 01, 2012

Lacy B.

This is super cute on you! It looks awkward on me. Maybe do more things about naturally curly hair! I can't straighten it every day during swim season and also I just dyed it so I'm trying to save it from being fried (haha). So this would be the most helpful thing ever to do more. Please and thank you!

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