HOW TO:NO heat big bouncy Curls(natural hair)l+Flexi Rods Style

  • Added Nov 21, 2011

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Dec 19, 2011

Andrea H. you put NOTHING in your hair? you just left the flexi rods in and it stayed that way? I wanna try this but i don't know if my hair will do this without some type of holding product...

Dec 19, 2011

BellaBeutii S.

I put absolutly nothing at all in it. And for me it lasts in my hair. I dont put anything on it mainly because i like it when the curls drop kind of gives me a wavy beach wave but if your not a fan of it when it drops maybe alittle hairspray right when you put them in and when you let them out put some more and youll have it all day. I kind of dont mind. I suggest if you want it to stay get some hairspray and spray it in your hair.

Dec 21, 2011

Andrea H.

oh, okay thanks. i like when they fall, too. But mine always go completely straight LOL. but thanks! :)